Alarm over transmission of smallpox from monkeys grows after surge in cases

The virus responsible for the new monkey outbreak has already been reported in more than 70 countries, and the number of cases has crossed the 16,000 mark, with at least five deaths. There are more than 800 confirmed cases in Brazil. The figures reinforce warnings from authorities and experts about the need for stronger international cooperation and preventive measures against the disease.

The infection is transmitted through body fluids and therefore contact or prolonged proximity with suspected infected persons should be avoided. The World Health Organization (WHO) has recommended vaccination for anyone at high risk of the disease, but added that there is currently no indication for mass use of the vaccine.

In this episode of E Tem Mais, Carol Nogueira provides an overview of the concerns over the rising incidence of monkeypox, which has led the WHO to classify the disease as a global public health emergency.

Dr. José Géraldo Ribeiro, Grupo Pardini epidemiologist and professor at the Faculty of Medical Sciences of Minas Gerais, and virologist Mateusz Núñez Weber from the University of Fyvale participated in this episode to describe the risks posed by the outbreak and strategies to stop the transmission of the virus.

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