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Alckmin presents the final transition report. read in full

Photo: Lula via YouTube

Geraldo Alkmin (In the photo), newly elected vice president and government transition coordinator, this Thursday (22) presented the final report on the current state of the federal public vehicle. The 100-page document summarizes the main conclusions of 32 working groups that will guide Lula’s 37 ministries on the Esplanade.

Read the full report

The perspective, said the former governor of Sao Paulo, is quite bad.

“Unfortunately, we’ve been backsliding in many areas. The federal government has regressed and the situation that President Lula finds himself in is much sadder and more difficult than before.”– he announced.

Some of the points in the report that Alkmin pointed to show that 14,000 jobs have been cut in Brazil and that 93% of federal roads do not have maintenance contracts; In the health sector, 50% of children have not been vaccinated with a booster dose of poliomyelitis. and in the field of culture, the budget of the sector was reduced by 90%.

The vice-president also highlighted data on the increase in deforestation, reduction in food supplies, increase in femicide and reduction in the budget of the Ministry of Education. “This is not saving, it is management inefficiency.”Alkmin concluded.

He and Lula are at the CCBB to name 17 new presidential cabinet ministers, which should happen soon.🇧🇷 Expectations are that Alcmin will take over the Development, Industry and Trade portfolio itself.

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