Alejandra Martos answers our happiness questionnaire

©Norma Robles

Your favorite person in the world.

My children! And my fathers and brothers, and that handful of people to whom I wish (ellos Saben).

Perfect Sunday plan.

I have breakfast very calmly, I go to my parents’ house and meet everyone (brothers, nephews…), skin for the afternoon, to the cinema if you can, but the blanket on the sofa is also perfect and ¡cenita with my friends!

Three items that make you happy.

More than subjects… dancing, listening to music and a cup of tea.

A song that puts you in a good mood.

¡Mi gran noche! And also Walking on Sunshine from Katrina and the Waves.

The plate for the one who jumps on the diet.

Una buena palmera de chocolate.

The best childhood memory.

When my priest returned home after a tour.

The trip of your life.

Motorhome travel in the United States.

A happy thought before sleep.

How lucky I am to have my own.

A place al que siempre vuelves.

La casa de mis padres, que es mi casa siempre.

Your favorite time of day.

If it’s food, it’s breakfast. Y ver la puesta de sol.

Three little things that make you happy during the day.

A “buenos días”, a smile, the light of the sun, the scent of a vanilla candle…

An app that never lets you down.

El reloj con las alarmas del mobile, que me recuerdan las cosas. I have a bad memory.

Who rips you off with a carcajada.

Las payasadas de mis hijos. Don’t fall! Fortunately, we are a family that laughs a lot.

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