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I’m sure you’ve already thought about this more than once, especially if your car is known for your poor hummus, if you choke when you climb the stairs, if you spend too much… maybe it’s time to say goodbye to your old vehicle and gift it welcome to it technology, design and security. But buying a sports bag is not a decision that can be taken lightly, it is not a dress or shoes, because before you settle on one or another model, you will have to consider and analyze all your circumstances – and then hit the nail on the head with your chosen–. en HELLO! we researched from the bottom up to come up with the editor’s favorite, and the decision was unanimous: we want the new DS 7 accompanies us to all our planes. These are some of the reasons:

Your magnificent design

If a vehicle has a good design, it has all the documents to reach the top spots on our list. elegant and sophisticatedthe new DS 7 there is more dynamism and clearer and more structured lines, the result of the collaboration between the team of DS Design Studio Paris and the production team at the brand-owned factory in Mulhouse (France). The result is a quality car, strong and lightly stiffened with a more expressive appearance. In the daylight DS LIGHT VEIL, the light seems to pass through the body color to create an effect of depth and shine, as if it were a jewel. In deep gloss black, the air vent surrounds and roof grills further enhance the silhouette’s dynamism.

Your technological innovations

The technology is available in Nuevo’s offer center DS 7, with an infotainment system as the main innovation. The interface has been completely redesigned and is fully configurable, reactive and fluid, supported in addition by voice recognition🇧🇷 The 12-inch high-resolution touch screen displays a menu composed of gadgets to access all functions with just one movement. From navigation and air conditioning controls to digital audio sources and all trip data. Lo mejor? Your use is indeed just and allows you to see from the front and back thanks to the high-definition digital cameras.

Your guarantee of comfort and peace of mind

If there are two non-negotiable conditions in a vehicle, on the one hand, it must be comfortable, and on the other hand, it must be safely🇧🇷 El Nuevo DS 7 account with HANG DS ACTIVE SCAN, a camera-controlled damping system located at the top of the windshield, unique in its segment and which reads the pavement to adjust the suspension according to the irregularities it detects; and with him DS NIGHT VISION, an infrared camera that scans the pavement and its edges to detect cyclists, pedestrians and animals up to 100 meters away. Additional, DS DRIVER ATTENTION MONITORING it analyzes the level of attention of the driver and it DS DRIVE ASSIST a level 2 autonomous driving function that controls the speed, the distance in relation to the vehicle in front of it and the sector of the tray of the new DS 7.

Finished elegant affairs

Reference to sophistication and refinement, the new DS 7 has different finishes and shades. Así, in finished form Opera we come across two tones, el black basalt and el gris perla. For the interior, DS Automobiles was inspired by the metal strap of a luxury watch, made with multiple assembled parts. The Nappa leather that covers the seats also covers the door panels, the salpicadero and the center console. The cover of air bag you also get leather flower treatment. The covers, with pespuntes punto pearl and Cloux de Paris guilloche, are also the work of the masters at DS Automobiles. In the Rivoli finish, the Basalt Black upholstery is made of Claudia leather and offers a more pronounced interior finish in the leather trim. In the ready Performance Line and Performance Line +, the new DS 7 offers Alcantara ® Intense Black upholstery on the seats, door panels, protective mat and center console. The steering wheel is covered in perforated leather with gold and carmine studs. Finally he finished The Bastille have a canvas interior Wigs Bronzewith leather-like decorations with a flake effect, offering a surface that is both smooth and captivating to the touch.

Your premium experience only you

DS Automobiles go one step further and offer a range of lujo services that make the brand’s sophistication and feel distinct. between them, Only You Privilege offers the opportunity to experience unforgettable moments such as exclusive wine tastings and private visits to wineries; tasting menus from the most prestigious chefs and scenes at Michelin-starred restaurants; private visits to museums; moments of relaxation in the best spa centers; and car-related events. In addition, through Only You PrivilegeDS Automobiles customers have access to special conditions in luxury companies fashion, technology or travel items. To activate these exclusive services, you must be registered with the program only you and report with your unique member ID.

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