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Alexander Volkov talks about mental relaxation in his absence.

LAS VEGAS, NV — After a nine-month absence from UFC heavyweight octagon UFC Alexander Volkov returns to UFC Las Vegas on Saturday night against Alexander Romanov.

“I was ready to fight earlier. But it doesn’t seem like my name is being called. UFC has no one for me to fight. So I will fight whenever someone makes me fight,” Volkov told reporters through a translator on Wednesday.

“I actually want to move more. I want to fight more often. But whenever they call me, I’m ready to go.”

Volkov (35-10) doesn’t mind being away from the fight. Because it gives him time to heal and improve his game.

“Actually, I feel good about I have time to relax Then I had more time to prepare and more time to practice. I can practice things that I haven’t had time to practice before to hone my skills. I think I spent this time well, ”said Volkov.

“I keep working. I make sure that the time I spend is being purposefully used. There was something I gained from it and I felt good about it. I feel ready and happy to start fighting.”

More and more fighters are starting to accept the psychological work of their game. And time away allows Volkov to do so.

“It’s good for me to rest mentally as well. Because a couple of years ago I fought quite often. And I fought big names key opponent So it was good for me to take a break from the mental struggles of the game,” he said.

“But now I think about it, I’m ready and I’m charged. I’m ready to go.”

At UFC Las Vegas, he faced Alexander Romanov, who before referencing Marcin. Tibera in August 2020 has a five-fight winning streak in the UFC.

“Basically I said yes, whatever the UFC said, whoever they want me to fight, I fight. He seemed unable to overcome that conundrum, so the UFC obviously gave him time to rest. And they still put up a fight between me and him,” Volkov said. “I guess I expected (matchup), I just thought it would happen after the win. But it was a good fight for me.”

Volkov has fought big names in heavyweight such as Alistair Overeem, Ciryl Gane, Derrick Lewis and Fabricio Werdum, among others.

“Names are not as important. The main thing is that I can show my skills. I will be able to hone my skills from the skills I cultivated for a long time in this battle. I get to watch my wrestling and see how it fits in with someone who’s basically a wrestler,” said Volkov.

“I am happy with this fight. And we will wait and see what happens.”

Watch the all-day media fight with Alexander Volkov above. Volkov meets Alexander Romanov at UFC Las Vegas in a co-main event Saturday night.

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