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Alexander Volkov thwarted Alexander Romanov in the first round.

Alexander Volkov and Alexandr Romanov UFC Las Vegas Credit: Youtube/UFC

The UFC heavyweight contenders face off in a co-main event at UFC Las Vegas on Saturday, while Alexander Volkov faces Alexandr Romanov.

The two Alexanders could not differ much in their fighting styles. Romanov is a massive, powerful wrestler who takes down opponents and punches them. while Volkov is a lanky kickboxer who uses his length to defeat opponents from the outside. This was a big opportunity for the fourteenth-ranked Romanov to move up several positions against the number eight heavyweight in Volkov.

Volkov went ahead to start. but was attempted by Romanov They returned to the fence, crashing into the fence, but the Romanovs were unable to bring “Draco” down at first. As Volkov stuffed his head After half a minute Volkov then freed and kicked to the ground, causing Romanov some pain. Volkov stalked him and Romanov fell as he ate his right hand and extended his leg forward. Volkov moved behind his back and looked surprised to fight. Volkov poured onto the floor and thumped as Romanov leapt up. Make last-second moves to avoid stopping the fight. Volkov continued to work in this position. Then completely ban Romanov. Only a few more punches had to be released before Mark Smith stepped in and stopped the fight.

Romanov looks like a shell of his former self in this fight. and fell apart as soon as he met resistance. The bright prospects in the past still have potential. But some work has to be done to line up his game before getting back into the octagon. It was noted before the bout that his weight fluctuated from 261 all the way to 240 and then shyly returned to the heavyweight limits.

meanwhile Alexander Volkov proved he was still a top-10 heavyweight and was no easy victory for seniors and newcomers alike by defeating Romanov in the round. first Just like he did with Jacinho. Rosenstruk before him

OFFICIAL RESULTS: Alexander Volkov def. Alexander Romanov by TKO (Ground & Pound) Round 1 2:16 p.m.

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