Alexandre Frota, the Brazilian Forrest Gump’s bankruptcy that was, ceased to be, left again and today, who knows?

David Bowie, Michael Jackson, Christian Bale, James Bond and Dr. Lao are known as true human chameleons. Each of them was metamorphosed countless times in the name of art. These changes were usually part of the performance of actions, often radical or even fatal. Michael Jackson, for example, even turned into a different person, much uglier and less talented. In this small collection of examples, life imitated art. But with Alexandre Frota – yes, himself – the gap is much deeper.

Alexandre Frota is a talented man, he has done a little bit of everything: actor, director, pornographer, funk artist, comedian, businessman, football player at Corinthians, husband of Cláudia Raia, husband of stage assistant at Milton Neves, who came second in Tchan’s New Blonde Contest, Uber driver and even BBB without even going through BBB. He sat on the bench at Praça é Nossa and the only reason he didn’t win a press trophy was that at the time that prize was monopolized by Fábio Júnior. Exploring the Tiririca effect, he was elected federal deputy in the 2018 elections, surfing like a good boy from Rio in the conservative wave sweeping Brazil. It entered the National Congress as a situation, but changed its position and became opposition in record time. He spent four years on and off commissions. Considered a traitor to the movement (hello, sorry João Gordo), he was not re-elected in 2022. And now, José? We’ll see, don’t miss the next chapter.

Alexandre Frota reinvents himself with each lunar cycle. Not just as an artist, not just as a personality, not just as a celebrity, but as a human being (as a human being?! Intentional double entendre?). Alexandre Frota is a kind of Thundercat in Bad Boy swimwear, a giant feline who lives in the third world and owns seven lives. Seven or more. All accompanied by the Brazilian nation, sometimes with curiosity, sometimes with contempt, sometimes with disgust, sometimes with envy, sometimes with hatred. Alexandre Frota is the Brazilian Forrest Gump. It is no coincidence that when he wore jersey number 77 of the Corinthians Steamrollers football team (rollers?!), all twenty-five people filling the stands shouted in unison: “run, fleet, run!”.

The origin of the legend is unclear. Archaeologist Dr. Henry Jones Júnior claims to have found frotic remains in Búzios dating back to the pre-Bardotic period. HP Lovecraft noted in his diaries that appear in the pages of the “Necronomicon” that Alexandre Frota was born in Rio de Janeiro in 1963. Given that Lovecraft died in 1937, what we have at hand is a prophecy with interrupted excitement. But tense Frota was never a problem. I believe in the Necronomicon, especially given that I can’t remember a time when Alexandre Frota didn’t exist. It may be my age, but I don’t rule out the possibility that Frotinha is some kind of cosmic entity launched on Earth with mysterious goals, a herald of Galactus with a Rio de Janeiro accent, a tattooed Cthulho, a timeless being. Scourges like Genghis Khan and Rasputin would be proto-fleets, preparing humanity for the arrival of the Prime Fleet. According to that logic, Alexandre Frota is not, nor is Frota flowing through the river of existence. Not as a ship, but as a fleet, a fleet of pirate ships.

Jorge Luis Borges claims that two lost pages of the “Sand Book” deal with an ancestral struggle for the love of a thick-thighed goddess and for the fate of mankind: Fleetmachy, also known as the War of the Fleets. It happened a little after the Titanomachy, the conflict between the Olympian gods and the Titans, and a little before the release of the album “Titanomaquia” by the band Titãs do Iê-iê. The violent battle was fought on top of Sugarloaf Mountain between two units: Marcos da Lua on one side and Alexandre Grandão on the other. Both fleets. This confrontation was a true soap opera. Sassarica this way, Sassarica that way, Alexandre Grandão finally won. Defeated and severely brain damaged, Marcos exiled himself to a distant shore where he spent the rest of eternity stuttering dark omens and carving women out of sand. Another version of the legend says that he ran away with the circus.

The winner, Alexandre’s prize was to win an avatar of flesh, bones and compressed protein, reincarnated in the spiritualist core of Rede Globo tv, more precisely in the cast of Roque Balboa Santeiro, where he had the privilege of witnessing the only good interpretation of his career Mauricio Mattar as João Ligeiro. After this, the gates of glory were open. He participated in classics such as “The adventures of Sérgio Mallandro” and “Os Bons Tempos Voltar: Vamos Gozar Outra Vez”, a work that, although it is hard to believe, does not belong to the pornographic phase of his career. But no jokes about Alexandre Frota’s dramatic career. He starred in the remake of the classic “Matou a Família e Foi ao Cinema”, directed by the cool performance artist Neville d’Almeida and written by the pope of Brazilian cult moviegoers, Júlio Bressane. Get over it, Ian McKellen!

Speaking of Ian McKellen, Alexandre Frota was once an icon of the gay community. His photographic essays for the magazine “G Magazine” marked an era rivaled only in charm and elegance by the issue starring Vampeta. His avant-garde performance next to, behind and in front of the beautiful transvestite Bianca inspired other “Phenomena” of the same nature. Today, Frota is hated by the LGBT militant, but it is necessary to recognize its contribution in the fight against prejudice. Her self-proclaimed fake news that she would have been the lover of conservative federal deputy Marco Feliciano cannot be forgotten. A few years ago, Frota apologized to the deputy, who graciously accepted. They became friends for years. Only a great man has the courage to back down, and Frota back down many times.

But time passed and Frota passed the rubber scraper in time. It smelled and was reborn from the ashes, as can be seen in his biography “Identidade Frota — A Estrela ea Escuridão”, written by Pedro Henrique Peixoto, published when he turned 50 and many others were torn apart. The work is a classic of dichotomy. If before Frota asked for more missions, later he began to ask for less Marx and more Mises. If before Frota had Rita Cadillac and Márcia Imperator at the tip, he later began to bring precise quotations to the tip of his tongue from the philosophers Roger Scruton and Olavo de Carvalho. He became one of the most influential Brazilian right-wing intellectuals. He even personally filed an impeachment petition against President Dilma Rousseff with the word impeachment spelled correctly. Not that life in the higher spheres of thought is new to him. The book “Do Outro Lado do Muro”, written in collaboration with João Henrique Schiller, about his time at the Casa dos Artistas of SBT, shows a photo of Frotinha reading “Estação Carandiru”, by Dráuzio Varela, the general practitioner of the stars. Silvio Santos approved and it is said that in order to revive the old partnership he considered the possibility of inviting him to direct the new season of the comedy “A Semana do Presidente”. Unfortunately, the negotiations did not go ahead. Frota, then a federal deputy, like his friend Marco Feliciano, was very busy with debates about the Escola Sem Partido movement. Debates that bore no fruit. Partly because Marco Feliciano does not get along with the fruits of good and evil, partly because Frota understands more about games than parties.

But if one move is too few and three is too much, Frota, known to be a person of many moves, wanted to have at least two. He entered into a legal dispute over the legal ownership of the name MBL, Movimento Brasil Livre. Frota competes with Kim Patroca Kataguiri, who has the largest MBL. Despite Patroca’s Japanese origins, the internet was divided, but Mom said that with Frota, the movement is not only sexy, but the movement does not stay still. I don’t know if there was any ruling from the judge. Nobody cares about MBL anymore. Much less me, to inform myself on the subject. Either way, if you lose, it will just be another injustice in our long-suffering character’s life.

Many accuse Frota of opportunism, of not having the right to become conservative and religious because of his past, which is not suitable for minors. But these opponents must remember two things. First: Frota participated in one season of “Malhação,” meaning he’s already spent time in purgatory and paid for his sins. Second: The Western Christian tradition celebrates penitent libertines or those who suffer in mysterious sexual ecstasy, going from São Francisco de Assis, passing through Santa Maria Egipciçaca until they arrive at the doctor in the church of Santa Tereza D’ávila. Therefore, if Frota is really a repentant sinner and his opponent is a hypocritical moralist who judges others without realizing the speck in his own eye, it is very likely that the former is closer to holiness than the latter.

In Brazil, it is a national tradition to throw the first stone on Ash Wednesday. But with work and patience, it is possible to build a wall with the stones that are thrown at us. Knowing Brazilian electoral habits, analyzed in detail by political scientist Edson Arantes do Nascimento, I predict a brilliant political career for Frota, despite not being re-elected in 2022. It happens in the best families, and Frota at least became a family man. so far. The Federal Chamber was only the first step. The legendary American president Camacho is an inspiration for him. Let us have no doubt that in a few years Frota will compete for the presidency. With real chances of victory, despite the current rejection. If he gets arrested, as history shows, his chances double.

And he can be arrested at any time. The storyteller’s new story is as follows. Frota had been declared civil bankrupt by the court due to its unpayable debts totaling approx. R$ 1.2 million with Banco Econômico S/A. The debt started with expenses of 88,000 on the overdraft, and added interest, penalties and money corrections accumulated since 2006, it became this million show. Fair, considering that during the pandemic, Frota advocated the “economics we will see later” policy. After arrived.

It is important to remember that two lawsuits he lost to French singer Chico Buarque and federal judge Rogério Favreto contributed to Frota’s financial collapse. Frota said too much, paid to see, started to see how he could pay and finally apologized. With no assets, with his name on the SPC, without Ciro Gomes’ election victory, his only recourse was to file for self-bankruptcy. asked and received. Its insolvency was decreed by the Judge of the 3rd Civil Court of the Forum of the City of Cotia. Don’t ask me what influence Fleet has on this particular Rod, I don’t have that information. I just know it was.

What will happen? Will the creditors appeal? Will Fleet Gump run? Can the fleet be arrested? Will Frota return to the top as he has always done in his career? Anything can happen when it comes to Fleet, including him becoming CEO of Banco Econômico S/A. We will see.

The fact is that Alexandre Frota is the Clóvis Bornay of hate. It’s hors-concours. The fashion now is to hate Lula and/or Bolsonaro, Neymar has his moments, but every great Brazilian nation separates a dark room in his heart to hate Frota. Everyone loves to hate Starfleet. Even his constituents probably hate him. The vote on Frota was different from the vote on Tiririca. Whoever voted for Tiririca the first time was like voting for Macaco Tião as mayor of Rio de Janeiro. Those who voted for Tiririca the second time didn’t get the joke. But those who voted for Frota went ahead. Those who voted for Frota wanted to fuck everything. Fleet is like Wolverine, he’s the best at what he does, but what he does isn’t nice. Fleet knows what the deal is.

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