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Overwatch 2’s main selling point is its bright and colorful cast of heroes. Each character has a dedicated lore behind them, though that doesn’t come out much in terms of gameplay in PvP multiplayer. People fell in love with these personalities and will support their favorites. Here are all the playable heroes in Overwatch 2.

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Full list of Overwatch 2 heroes

tank class heroes

image via Activision Blizzard
  • D.Va – A Korean esports champion turned national champion. She is part of a team of mech pilots who protect Busan from incoming Omnic threats.
  • Doomfist – Formerly a damage hero, Doomfist has the Rocket Punch ability to knock enemies into walls. Added durability and reduced damage to compensate for the class change.
  • Junker Queen – The ruler of Junkertown, she is confident in attacking her enemies and profiting from their pain.
  • Orisa – A protector of Numbani created by child prodigy Efi Oladele. Reworked to no longer have a barrier and attack enemies with darts.
  • Ramattra – The leader of the Null Sector, a group of Omnics who take radical measures to fight for better Omnic lives. Former Shambali monk who considers Zenyatta a brother.
  • Reinhardt – A German crusader who loves to claim glory on the battlefield. He has a wrist-mounted barrier to protect his teammates.
  • Roadhog – A thief from Junkertown who went on a worldwide crime spree with Junkrat. It trap enemies to zoom in and shoot them easily.
  • Sigma – A scientist brainwashed by the terrorist group Talon. You can control gravity and create barriers.
  • Winston – A scientifically enhanced gorilla from the Horizon Lunar Colony moon base. He has an electric wave gun to eliminate enemies.
  • Wrecking Ball – A scientifically enhanced hamster from the Horizon Lunar Colony moon base. Patrols in a mechanical ball he created to compete in the Junkertown battles.

damage class heroes

Image via Activision Blizzard
  • Ashe – A former socialite who is the head of the Deadlock gang. Her former butler BOB is her bodyguard.
  • Bastion – An ancient Omnic that broke into a forest on its way to attack civilization. It can transform into various offensive configurations to unleash heavy fire on enemies.
  • Cassidy – A former Deadlock gang member who joined Overwatch and was part of Team Blackwatch. He relies on his trusty six-shot to eliminate enemies.
  • Echo – An evolutionary robot created to suit the style of any role needed on the battlefield. He can transform into any other hero and use his abilities momentarily.
  • Genji: Hanzo’s younger brother, he was attacked by the elder Shimada and left for dead. Now a cyborg, he uses his robotic body to attack enemies.
  • Hanzo – Genji’s older brother, he swore never to pick up a sword again after thinking he killed his brother to protect his family’s yakuza clan. He is a very skilled archer.
  • Junkrat – A thief from Junkertown who went on a worldwide crime spree with Roadhog. He is obsessed with explosives and loves to blow things up.
  • Mei – An Overwatch scientist who studied the growing climate problems on Ecopoint: Antarctica. She is the only survivor of her team after they underwent cryostasis for nine years. She focuses on freezing enemies to slow them down.
  • Pharah – Daughter of Ana, she grew up idolizing Overwatch and dreamed of being a hero. She wields a rocket launcher and jetpacks through the sky, attacking enemies.
  • Reaper – One of the original members of Overwatch who now works with Talon. He can assume a spectral form to avoid all incoming damage.
  • Soldier: 76 – Former commander of Overwatch, now an outlaw seeking to bring justice across the world. A standard super soldier character, he can activate his tactical scope to ensure all of his shots land.
  • Permanency – A former captain of Overwatch, she was cybernetically enhanced to gain an edge on the battlefield. Her weapon has railgun capability once loaded.
  • Shadow: A Latina hacker obsessed with exposing everyone’s secrets. He can turn invisible and sneak around the battlefield.
  • Symmetra – A loyal servant of Vishkar who seeks order in the world. You can deploy turrets that slow down and damage enemies over time.
  • Torbjorn – One of the original members of Overwatch and Brigitte’s father. He loves the turret he deploys on the battlefield.
  • Tracer – A British pilot who has the ability to travel through time after an experiment gone wrong. Blink and remember the field to get advantageous positions.
  • Widowmaker – Brainwashed Talon member who was the wife of a former Overwatch captain. She is a very capable marksman.

Support class heroes

image via blizzard
  • Ana: One of the original members of Overwatch and Pharah’s mother. She is a talented marksman who heals her teammates with her shots.
  • Baptiste – A combat medic who has been on both sides of Overwatch and Talon. You can deploy an immortality field to ensure your teammates survive.
  • Brigitte: Reinhardt’s faithful mechanic companion and Torbjorn’s daughter. She heals teammates near her, dealing damage to enemies.
  • Kiriko – A skilled ninja warrior and healer. She calls her trusty kitsune fox to give her teammates a burst of energy and make them that much deadlier.
  • Lucio – A world-renowned DJ and lawyer from Brazil. He uses the technology his father created for Vishkar to heal and speed up allies.
  • Mercy – A doctor who worked wonders and saved Genji from death. She is seen as the angel of the battlefield and can resurrect fallen allies.
  • Moira – A former Overwatch scientist now with Talon who is obsessed with morally questionable experiments on people. She sucks life energy from enemies to use to heal her allies.
  • Zenyatta – A peaceful Omnic Monk who is Genji’s trusted teacher. He launches spheres that heal allies and deal additional damage to enemies.

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