Allies expect Bolsonaro to focus on government achievements and ‘Lula risk’ in PL convention speech

Parliamentarians and campaign coordinators heard by Jovem Pan defend that the president ignores the clash with the judiciary and praises the administration’s recent achievements

Gregg Newton/AFPBrazilian President Jair Bolsonaro celebrates after speaking to Brazilian ex-patriots in Orlando, Florida, June 11, 2022
Bolsonaro wins preference among gaucho voters

Liberal Party (PL) prepares a mega event to formalize the candidacy for president Jair Bolsonaro for re-election. Party members and organizers of the act expect about 10,000 people in Maracanãzinho, in the city of Rio de Janeiro, where the convention will take place. Despite the excitement and anticipation, some mysteries surround the ceremony. The main one, according to New panincludes the First Lady, Michelle Bolsonaro. Sen. Flavio Bolsonaro (PL-RJ), the campaign coordinator for the federal chief executive, wrote on his Twitter profile that Michelle should speak, but an important caption in the caption told the report that the bay will be hit “at the last minute”. Allies also claim that the country’s president is “untouchable” and “unpredictable”, but they hope that Bolsonaro will focus his speech on the achievements of his government, will insist on the opposition to the former president. Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (PT), with which he polarizes the presidential dispute and avoids a new clash with the judiciary with statements to the ministers of the Federal Supreme Court (STF) and electronic voting machines.

The slogan “For the good of Brazil” will be one of the mottos explored at this event. The idea, according to reports, is to highlight “the fight of good against evil,” as Bolsonaro has said in recent statements. On this occasion, the president is expected to speak about freedom, conservative flags and the elevation of the family. The country’s duo Mateus and Cristiano should also perform, singing the national anthem and the “Captain of the People” sound – Bolsonaro is a retired army captain. “It is the captain of the people who will win again. He is from God and can be trusted. Protect your family and I won’t deceive you”, says a stanza of the song. The political core of the government has advised Bolsonaro to give a speech focused on the recent achievements of the government, in particular, the adoption of the PEC das Bondades, which bypassed the electoral law, imposed a state of emergency, created and promoted social programs less than three . years ago, the election months, the gradual decrease in fuel prices and the drop in unemployment – at the end of June, according to data from the Pnad Contínua (Continuous National Survey of Household Samples), the rate was at 9.8% of the population (about 10.6 million people), the lowest since 2015.

The campaign staff also expects the president to give a nod to low-income voters. According to a Datafolha poll conducted between June 22 and 23, among the poorest, who earn up to two minimum wages per month, former president Lula has 43% of voting intentions, compared to 16% for Bolsonaro. To get an idea of ​​the importance of this part, 52% of the total electorate falls in this range. Another target audience for the speech is women, a segment that also rejects the president. According to the same poll published at the end of June, 61% of the female electorate say they do not vote at all for the head of the federal executive. It is for this reason that the speech of the first lady is expected by Bolsonarista circles. Regardless of the scenario, allies acknowledge that Bolsonaro is unpredictable and could take a different line.

“Very difficult to predict [como será o discurso]. At the end of the day, my president is inviolable,” federal deputy Marco Feliciano (PL-PS), one of the leaders of the evangelical bench in the National Congress, told Jovem Pan. “Only God knows”, added the parliamentarian. “I expect a lively speech, with a tone of enthusiasm. It is unlikely that he will mention the issue of the Tirana Stock Exchange ballot boxes. I do not know. He should talk about good things, praise what has been done during his tenure. The convention is a festive event, it is a celebration. At a party, you only talk about the good, you leave the bad for other occasions. This issue of the polls, the STF, the TSE, is a negative agenda,” federal deputy Captain Augusto (PL-SP), the party’s national vice president and friend of Bolsonaro for two decades, told the report. “The president should talk about the good things about his government and the danger for Brazil if Lula wins,” federal deputy Carla Zambelli (PL-PS) estimates.

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