Almost a hundred million files from the old era to view. DiscMaster has made browsing the online archive easier

How did DiscMaster make online archive browsing easier?

DiscMaster is a new website that downloads CDs and floppy disks from the Internet Archive and converts them into a sort of public database, making it possible to skip the virtual mounting of individual media. Thanks to this initiative, many old file formats are available for viewing in the browser, and an anonymous gentleman who was fascinated by the Internet Archive and created DiscMaster within 18 months was responsible for it, until he contacted Jason Scott, the archivist of the base itself data.

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Accessible from the application level, the program generates easy-to-use programs that can easily visualize the material. Usually, viewing these archaic notes requires either non-standard or simply outdated formats, as they come from a time when the Internet was just starting and standards didn’t exist. DiscMaster solves these problems in a great way, because not only owners of new hardware, but even users of the old Commodore 64 with a browser can take advantage of this tool and view old files.

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As DiscMaster’s counter shows, the tool is already quite popular, as at the time of this writing the hit counter is close to 160,000. You can also make a brick and then dive into over 113 million files totaling 11 ,4 tuberculosis.

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