, novo rival do Nubank, lança cartão de crédito sem anuidadeEnglish, Nubank’s new rival, issues an annual fee-free credit card

After announcing the creation of credit card in January of this year, alt.bankfocused on Brazilian fintech”in the conduct of financial justice through fair practices“, starts the first shipments to the most loyal and committed customers on the early access list.

With more than 200,000 people on the early access list and an average increase of 1,500 per day, the new credit card is the first in Brazil to offer dynamic credit limit so that customers can adapt to the best way to control their personal finances.

Main features and advantages from

Launched in partnership with Visa, the card has a credit limit offered by up to R$ 20 thousand. This limit can be increased by a balance that the customer has already saved in the option “piggy” – in a digital payment account with interest ( pays 100% of CDI on the total reserve balance).

We are very proud to quickly enable our network so that can offer this innovative and necessary solution to Brazilians”, says Eduardo Abreu, Vice President of New Business at Visa do Brasil. “We share with the goal of financial inclusion of the population with simple and safe means, bringing many technologies and benefits to the consumer.“, concludes the executive.

The new card charges no fees, allowing customers to have cash that delivers more than savings on their daily balance. Among the other advantages and differences of the product are:

  • There are no annual fees or maintenance fees;
  • The dynamic credit limit will bring periodic fluctuations in the credit offered by, according to the financial behavior of each customer. It is not changed manually, but can be increased when the customer uses the card better, adding points;
  • Allows the customer to increase the credit limit, completing the total limit with the balance stored in cofrinhü;
  • There is no interest rate for the loan used with the cofrinhü balance;
  • Competitive interest rates, ranging from 9.9% to 13.9% on the additional credit balance offered by;
  • 100% of CDI (more than Savings) on the saved balance in cofrinhü;
  • Lack of a minimum amount to save money in cofrinhü;
  • 2% cashback on all purchases within the first 30 days after account opening;
  • Local discounts in more than 4,500 stores, from the main retailers in Brazil, such as Drogasil, Renner, Magalu and Pague Menos;
  • Make payments for subscriptions or installment purchases;
  • Pay for purchases within 40 days;
  • Timely payment reported to the Central Bank to increase the user’s credit score
  • International card accepted anywhere in the world;
  • Visa card benefits.

According to Brad Liebmann, CEO of, until now, most Brazilians only have access to traditional or prepaid credit cards, and the new card comes to fill this gap and allow customers to have all the advantages of a card. contract credita checking account and a traditional line of credit, all combined into one powerful product.

Demand for novücard, the first credit card of its kind in Brazil, has been much higher than we expected. We have created a product that gives our customers control of their credit limits in a very responsive way, as well as offering significant advantages over similar cards from competitors. Unlike others in the market, our customers gain more than savings by deferring payment on credit card transactions”, explains Brad. “By encouraging customers to pay off the card in full each month and accumulating income – rather than paying predatory fees – we help our customers and their families build long-term ‘wealth’“, he concludes.

The access list continues in the following months, those interested can apply by clicking here.

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