Alternative stage of Lunen Fountains Festival.  "We are maturing"English 

Alternative stage of Lunen Fountains Festival. “We are maturing”

David Zolda is pleased that Lunen’s Alternative Sage Festival has been such a success over the past 18 years. © Sylvia vom Hofe

Not only Joris songs and English pop songs can be heard for free in Lunen on Friday and Saturday (July 8/9). There are also significantly rockier alternatives on the Alternative Stage.

If you want to park, you are currently in the wrong place at Pfarrer-Bremer-Platz. The municipal parking lot near the municipal library is closed to cars on Thursday (July 7). But he is not an orphan. The opposite. Twelve bands, many from the region, will turn up the heat over two days (Friday and Saturday). They offer an acoustic alternative to Joris, Kamrad and Co., commercially successful stars and starlets on the big stage at the Fountain Festival, located next door to the Hilpert Theater parking lot. This is where the “Alternative stage” is.

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