Amalia de Hollanda, her sueno shortened after a threat

The stage that started in September Amalia from the Netherlands as a university is very different from what was expected. There is a serious risk that Hija Mayor de los Reyes will be kidnapped or attacked, and to avoid it, it is not enough to increase his security. The heir to the Dutch throne had to radically change his plans: he continues to attend class at the University of Amsterdam, but does not live in the capital with other companions, just as he is in the new palace Huis ten Bosch with his parents and his younger sister. The Princess of Orange couldn’t go on as normal with her student life, a path that was full of obstacles from the start.


The most important gesture of Maxima from the Netherlands, drawing a smile on a girl

-Amalia de los Pais Bajos’ nice pose featuring his big friend Mojito

I really hope it arrives. I hope to meet many people, learn new things… But the studio is the first. It’s not just fun and fiesta,” Princess Amalia said before starting to study politics, psychology, decree and economics, the first exams will be held this October. I enjoyed having a routine like the other students and enjoying unique experiences like sharing a house with other young people or cycling around Amsterdam. Aspects that may seem mundane to many, but are not part of the normal for royalty. Now the circumstances and the fear that something might happen force the future queen of the Lowlands to give up her sueños.

La Princesa, who will turn 19 in December, took time off before entering university. During these months, I was part of an application and selection process to study in Amsterdam, but Even as the moment approached, the first stumbling blocks began to arrive. He intended to join a fraternity, but then began circulating a video in which members of the Amsterdamsch Studenten Corps and Amsterdamsche Vrouwen Studenten Vereeniging hurled misogynistic and sexist slurs during a fiesta held last July. Seeing the images, Casa Real confirmed that it will not enter this student group by its own decision.

-The Dutch Caribbean and accompanied by his priests: Amalia de Hollanda’s first official voyage is closed


The royals who have managed to complete their university years

Guillermo and Máxima de los Pais Bajos consider this situation to have very great consequences” for the mayor of his three children, whom they describe as “very valiant”. I could not realize the life I imagined, nor the routine of los compañeros y amigos con los que comparte class. They have overcome their illusions that they can have a happy, relaxed and fun university scene just like the other kings, princes and Herederos, including their own middle-aged father or sister. It is worth remembering this Princess Alexia studied her final year BA at UWC Atlantic College, due to her parent’s status, before enrolling at Leiden University. Princess Leonor and Elizabeth of Belgium are also in this hospital.

When it came time to graduate, all members of the European Royal Houses were able to fully enjoy the experience of being in a facility and living close to home. Felipe VI first studied Derecho at the Autonomous University of Madrid and later moved to Washington to begin a master’s degree in international relations at Georgetown University’s Edmund Walsh School of Foreign Service. For his part, the Prince of Wales also took a break with Princess Amalia before studying Historia del Arte at St Andrews (Scotland), where he fell in love with Kate Middleton.

Amalia from the Netherlands pulls out her driver’s license before her new university adventure

Felipe de Belgium wrote constitutional history at Trinity College, Oxford, and holds an MA from Stanford University in California. Victoria of Sweden, godmother of the Princess of Orange, moved to France to study French at the Center international d’études françaises de la Université catholique l’Ouest en Angers. After moving to the United States to study political science and history at Yale University. His Danish counterpart, Prince Federico was a student at Harvard, where he also majored in political science. On the other hand, Haakon from Norway is studying the same career at UC Berkeley and an MA from the London School of Economics and Political Science.

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