Amaury Soares takes over as director of Globo Studios

The professional also continues to lead TV Globo, while Ricardo Waddington completes a cycle at the company

Globo CEO Paulo Marinho announced this Tuesday (14) that in addition to being director of TV Globo, Amaury Soares will also become director of Globo Studios. After a 40-year career, Ricardo Waddington decided to end his cycle with the company.

Below is the full text of Paulo Marinho’s internal statement.

Hello Globo team,

I took over the management of the company at the beginning of last year, with the security of having a group of talented, creative and competent directors by my side. A strong team that faced the challenge of moving forward with Globo’s transformation, already shaped by all our platforms and integrated businesses. When Riccardo Waddington approached me to talk about his plans to end his beautiful cycle at Globo when he completed 40 years with the company, which happens this year, I had no doubt that he would find his successor in this group.

The head of the studio is Ricardo Waddington with a successful curriculum, and the head of TV Globo is Amaury Soares, with the vast experience of two great heads of Brazilian television. Privilege for any communications company. So it was natural to choose Amaur to join the competent team assembled by Ricardo and to promote Estúdios Globo as the largest audiovisual creation and production center in Brazil and one of the largest in the world in our ongoing project to modernize and strengthen Estúdios Globo. A key client and partner of Estúdios Globo, Amauri Soares will have much to contribute to our entertainment production for all Globo platforms.

Ricardo likes to remember that he came here as a boy. At the age of 22, he signed his first contract with Globo. From then until today, a journey of 40 years has passed, told through the great and important stories of soap operas, soap operas and variety shows that have marked not only his trajectory, but also that of Globo and all Brazilians. Quatro por Quatro, Love Story, Por Amor, Family Ties, Mulheres Apaixonadas, Cabocla, A Favorita, Cordel Encantado and Avenida Brasil are just a few of the telenovelas. he drove. In addition to the series and miniseries “Presença de Anita”, “Mad Maria”, “A Cura” and “Por Toda a Minha Vida”, which received several Emmy nominations, Ricardo has also devoted himself to other genres. Among Variety’s programs, he directed Amor e Sexo, Domingão do Faustão and Altas Horas, among others.

Ricardo has been an assistant director, project manager, core director, genre director, director of a production company, and since 2020 he is the director of Globo Studios. In this role, he combined his artistic vision with the studio’s business needs to make fundamental contributions to our transformation journey. Also demonstrating great management skills, he led the production company to strive for excellence and modernized our content creation and production processes, resulting in the most modern and efficient version of Globo Studios we know today. The traces that Ricardo leaves on this company are eternal.

Amauri Soares fondly recounts that when he joined Jornalismo da Globo in 1987, the station was airing the telenovela O Outro, directed by Ricardo. During his 15 years of experience in journalism, Amauri has been Editor-in-Chief of Fantástico, Executive Editor of Jornal da Globo, Editor-in-Chief of Jornal Nacional, Journalism Director of São Paulo and Executive Director of Central Globo de Jornalismo. For six years he was the executive director of Globo Internacional in New York. While still in Brazil, he created and headed Globo’s Events Board and then served as Director of Programming for seven years. With the integration of the companies, he took over the management of Canal TV Globo, also managing the network created by our regional offices and branches throughout the country. He will now combine this mission with that of the leader of Estúdios Globo, bringing his deep knowledge of the Brazilian public and vast experience in the audiovisual sector to the service of all Globo platforms and channels.

Ricardo and Amauri will work together in the next transitional months. From June, Amauri will take over the management of Estúdios Globo, and the Studios and TV Globo will continue to operate as independent units within the company structure.

On behalf of myself and my family, I thank you for both your commitment and partnership, which are essential to the next steps of this company, which we are transforming together every day.

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