Amazon Echo Dot speakers already shipped to Poland. We know the price

The Amazon Echo Dot is a new global version of a multifunctional smart speaker. The device can already be ordered with delivery to Poland – check what the improved version of the device can do.

Amazon presents a new, global version echo point, i.e. a multifunctional smart speaker, a companion of our everyday domestic life. The novelty is also available for customers on the Vistula – Amazon also handles shipping to Poland.

What distinguishes the improved version of the Amazon Echo Dot? The manufacturer focuses on even more better sound quality. The full-range driver and loudspeaker with the highest membrane displacement of all devices in the series delivers up to twice as much bass compared to the previous models.

The novelty was also equipped with an accelerometer, which allows touch control – for example, turning on music or turning off the alarm. With voice control, on the other hand, you can conveniently control all smart devices in the house.

Amazon Echo Dot / Photo by manufacturer

With its improved sound and compact design, our new device offers customers more ways to seamlessly use Alexa in their daily lives. With new sensors and technology built into the Echo Dot, customers can use Alexa in even more ways, Amazon adds.

When it comes to privacy settings, Amazon has made sure that the user has access to all recordings made by the speaker. Plus if we don’t want Alexa keeping us going she listenedcan we use the button that toggles the microphone on and off.

Amazon Echo Dot / Photo by manufacturer

Amazon Echo Dot / Photo by manufacturer

Amazon Echo Dot price and availability

Amazon Echo Dot price is included PLN 299.99. We order devices with shipping to Poland on the website of this manufacturer.

It is worth remembering that while the Echo Dot can be ordered to Poland, we will still be talking to the voice assistant Alexa English only.

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