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Amazon Prime Day 2022: How to make the most of the event

Amazon Prime Day is undoubtedly one of the “shopping holidays” more confusing than there are. The members-only event lasts for 48 hours, with early bird deals arriving before the actual sale. Amazon promises “millions of deals,” but often the discounts shown are misleading — or outright fake. Add to this the limited-time Lightning Deals frenzy and low-stock ongoing global supply chain issues, and you have the perfect recipe for spending a lot of money.

Do not be afraid! We are here to help. The Gear team at WIRED is familiar with common buying pitfalls, and I’ve been writing deals for nearly a decade. When does the sale start and end? How do you know if it’s a deal? really agreement? We’ve gathered our collective knowledge to prepare you for Amazon Prime Day (and beyond).

When is Amazon Prime Day?

This year, Prime Day falls on July 12 and 13. This is similar to the daylight savings we’ve seen in the past, with the only exception being the fall sale during 2020 due to the pandemic. When do the Prime Day sales start?

The first deals have already started, but Amazon’s big event officially starts at 3am on July 12th. The action lasts 48 hours.

Officially, yes. You must be an Amazon Prime member to shop Amazon Prime Day deals. A free 30-day trial is available for new accounts. The trial period will allow you to participate in the sale – remember to cancel your subscription to avoid subsequent renewal costs.

There are some discounts available if you are not a subscriber (these deals may not be so great). But other major retailers, such as Target, Walmart and Best Buy, often hold simultaneous sales during Prime Day events. Their prices are often very close to what Amazon offers for the same products, and sometimes they match the price. This is a good way to participate in Prime Day if you don’t want to support Amazon.

Is Prime Day worth it?

It all depends. For some items, Prime Day prices tend to be some of the lowest we’ve seen all year. This is especially true for Amazon hardware like Kindles, Fire Tablets, and Echo devices, but there are other factors to consider. Prices vary throughout the year, and some products are often discounted. Even if the price is favorable, offering a product that is always on sale reduces the overall quality of that offer.

The sheer amount of business Amazon promotes during Prime Day is both a blessing and a curse. Really good discounts can be hard to spot – there’s so much on sale that the entire selection can seem overwhelming. But there’s a good chance the item you want is on sale. We’ve seen some fantastic deals during Prime Day in the past, from cheap Kindles to huge discounts on the Nintendo Switch. Rough diamonds are hard to find.

How do you know if the deal is good?

ABC: Always check (prices that is). Researching the price of an item is the most important aspect of determining the quality of a discount. Don’t fall victim to false marketing language and inflated MSRP prices – our tips only take a few moments. The easiest step is to Google the items you’re considering to see prices at various stores.

One tool we like to use is Camelcamelcamel, which tracks Amazon prices over time. Simply paste the Amazon link or ASIN (located in the Product Information section of Amazon’s product page) into the Camelcamelcamel search bar and you’ll be able to see the item’s lowest price on record, its average price, and how often the price fluctuates. Some deals, like Lightning Deals, are excluded from price history, but it’s still useful to see why an item sold in the past.

We also really like Keepa, which has an extension (available for multiple browsers) that displays recent product price history right on the Amazon page so you never have to open a new tab. Other great tools include Honey, which can save you money through promotional codes but also tracks price history across multiple retailers on the web, and Octoshop, which can quickly show you the price of a product across multiple retailers.

Please note that these services may not work all the time. But the ability to see how much a product costs before it goes on sale (and whether the MSRPincreased) can be very helpful. Combining these tools can help you decide if a deal is worth your money.

What is Amazon Prime Day lightning deal?

Flash offers are time-limited jobs that Amazon executes for just a few hours each. They are not limited to Prime Day, but are especially present during major sales. When an item sells out, you may be placed on a waiting list, but not always.

To put it bluntly, the Lightning Deals selection is often full of impulse buys like makeup and skin care products or toys. Prime members can view upcoming deals on the Amazon website and mobile app. The app can also alert you before a Lightning Deal starts. How to be sure that the company will not be sold?

It’s always disappointing when a sale item goes out of stock. If you know what time the company starts, actively pay attention to the product page at the start time. You can also add an item to your cart before the sale starts, so you can refresh the page to pick it up right away.

It’s smart to create an account with trusted merchants so you can save your credit card and shipping information in advance. This will make the checkout process as quick as possible. It’s also a good idea to clear your browser cache before you start shopping during sales like Prime Day. Only then log back into those merchants.

If the offer sells out, chances are another store will offer a similar or matching discount.. Check other stores, especially big retailers. Sometimes expired offers may be back in stock.

Should I buy it?

It’s easy to fall into the trap of Prime Day: You can see too much of a product you don’t really need.Do not do it. Make a list of things you really wanted to buy before the event and save those links. When Prime Day starts, look around to see if they’re on sale and use the practices above to make sure it’s a really good deal. So buy it! Do not buy the productonlybecause it has a good price.

If you want to make the most of Prime Day, make a list of gifts to buy friends and family. You can pick them up during Prime Day if the price is right, or wait until Black Friday for similar, if not better, deals.

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