Amazon Prime Gaming: Available from November 2022

Amazon Prime players have the opportunity to expand their game library once again. It seems that many of them will find something for themselves here.

Prime Gaming for November without secrets

First it leaked, and a moment later the official announcement. Amazon has revealed all the game-related cards prepared for the November release of Prime Gaming, one of the components of the Amazon Prime service.

The company is already used to the fact that it offers subscribers a lot. And it’s not just about quantity, but also about quality, because it’s often about really interesting and good games. There were 7 of them prepared for November.

New games in Prime Gaming – November 2022

  • Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition
  • Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
  • Object 47
  • WRC 9
  • Etherborn
  • Whispering willows
  • The last day of June
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What is interesting about the Amazon promotion?

In such a situation, it is difficult to indicate one definitely the most interesting title, because a lot depends on who prefers the genre. In this context, it is pleasing that there is a great variety, so many should find something worth noting.

Fans of racing and rally games will probably pay attention to WRC 9. This is a completely fresh proposition, from 2020. Fallout: New Vegas is 10 years old, but this is again a classic of the RPG genre, a template from the time when this series enjoyed a great reputation. See why. Graphically it doesn’t impress today, but in many aspects it can still be enjoyed. What else? Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade is a point-and-click adventure game, Etherborn is a combination of a platform game and a puzzle game. Whispering willows also belong to the latter group. For those who like adventures with an extensive and moving story, Last Day of June may prove to be the most interesting.

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