Amelia Bono shares her recipe for super healthy gluten-free bread

We are attentive to each of your tricks from fitness and food. We have more than four thousand followers on the ground that accumulate in the networks and their advice is lost: how, when this summer revealed that le enchanted to release free air instead of the belt, an alternative that encourages contact with nature and, in addition, increases the effectiveness of exercises without relying on the assistance that the surface provides when the machine moves. With a lifestyle where training takes center stage, maintaining a healthy and well-rounded diet is the only way to get the most out of your sport by optimizing your energy intake and nutrients that support muscle tone and proper recovery. An example? The gluten or lactose free skillet recipe you just shared and this go make the pleasures of people with intolerance what they want to enjoy carbohydrates without wanting to take care of yourself.


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The Healthy Bread by Amelia Bono

Calabachin béchamel, boiled tomatoes and tuna, salmon with corn, cinnamon biscuit… Amelia Bono’s hammocks allow her admirers to have a wonderful recipe of ideas for healthy and good food. One of the last tortilla with avocado, peas and spinach which is prepared after training to nourish the body with the nutrients it needs after performing physical exercises. Now the madrileña has added another one, judged by his virtual family with the one that democratizes the consumption of bread because of its ingredients: “It’s not fattening, it doesn’t take away anything, it’s super healthy and it’s gluten-free, dairy-free and marine-free, which is phenomenal for those with intolerances”. Adelanto? To replicate it at home, you need six egg whites, crushed seeds (your favorite sons of hemp and flax), and dried fruit to taste.


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Step by step, according to Amelia’s own explanation, it’s easy to mix the egg whites and seeds, put them all in a mold – “I put a piece of white paper so it can be easier to use and after the bags sell phenomenally” – and finally add the nukes, sweets and dried fruit to taste before leaving them in the oven for 30 minutes at 190-195ºC. “Da para un día entero, yo me lo como de una tira”, assures our main character, who still suffers from intolerances and allergies, that it’s hard to find a pan that feels really good. As a reason to try the recipe, egg whites are rich in proteins of high biological value, which help to recover muscles faster and flax seeds They work as a source of soluble fiber that promotes digestion and eliminates toxins; in the case of hemp, they provide minerals such as iron, zinc or magnesium, essential fatty acids, vitamin E and vegetable proteins.

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