Amsterdam in CoD Modern Warfare 2 against reality. An internet user compared locations

The recently popular & sacute; & cacute; in the grid won & lstroke; gameplay from Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, where we see realistically reproduced Amsterdam. Now you can appreciate & cacute; efforts of developers, because one of the Internet users decides & lstrok; will compare & cacute; game locations with real-life equivalents.

The author of the video is a YouTuber with the nickname ElAnalistaDeBits. As we can see & cacute ;, creators & lstrok; o si & eogon; move extremely faithfully & sacute; & cacute; play buildings from the city centercomplete with road signs, shop signs (changed appropriately of course) and small architectural details.

Internet users do not hide & aogon; Be enchanted by the level of realism that & aogon; gn & eogon; & lstrok; about Infinity Ward studio. “I grew up with & sacute; myobit graphics, and now I see & eogon; this one. Enjoy & eogon; si & eogon; how far are we & sacute; came” – commented & lstrok; Internet user nicknamed Prince Charles. “The game looks more like Amsterdam than it is. images of the real Amsterdam on Google Maps. I really like & eogon ;, & zdot; what mission is happening & eogon; autumn & aogon; with li & sacute; & cacute; we rain & lstrok; ymi to the street & eogon ;. Really & eogon; Dutch climate”- points out PMBECH.

Of course, not everything went perfectly. Internet users with & aogon; agree that & aogon; slightly less realistic character models and sometimes mismatched lighting or partial effects. Despite this, ca & lstrok; about & sacute; & cacute; makes a huge impression. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 debuted in & lstrok; and & sacute; not today. People who pre-ordered may be outdone, however, & cacute; campaign mode since last week.

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