An 8-year-old boy collects R$190,000 and helps his best friend the waiter

An 8-year-old boy learns that his best friend and waiter has lost his home and moved into a motel with his family. Kaizen Hunter had no doubt. He launched a fundraising campaign and created a page on the Internet with the text of the declaration of friendship.

The campaign was so successful that the boy raised US$38,000, almost R$190,000, to help the waiter.

Kayzen Hunter, a second-grader from Little Rock, Arkansas, likes to eat breakfast with his family at Waffle House on the weekends. He is always visited by 29-year-old Devonte Gardner, with whom he has become real friends.

The disclosure

Gardner is the type to remember favorite dishes in detail to order. In case of kaizen, it is always the same order. – French fries with cheese and eggs with cheese. But the waiter said the key was: “Always treat everyone with kindness.”

One day, accompanied by his grandfather, Kaizen learned that Devonte had fallen on hard times after his apartment was infested with rats and mold and he had to move into a motel with his wife and two daughters and walk several miles to work.

Kaizen decided he needed to help Devont, and after setting up a GoFundMe page, he was able to raise $38,000, which allowed Devont to buy a car and pay for his family’s apartment for a full year.

The boy’s mother, Vittoria, said that after Kaizen learned about Devonte’s difficulties, she decided to do something to help him.

“He kept saying: “We need to start a GoFundMe and help Devont get a car,” she said. ‘He didn’t give up. He is a boy with a big heart.

The campaign

Earlier last month, Kayzen set up a GoFundMe campaign with a target price of $5,000, roughly 20,000 rials.

“Hello, my name is Kaizen, I am 8 years old,” the boy wrote on the page. Then the boy told his friend’s story. “Devonte is a hard-working father, he has two daughters and a wife.”

Kaysen then continued. He was looking for a car at a decent price and his family had the misfortune of ending up in a moldy apartment, had to move the kids out and it set him back a lot.”

Finally, the boy makes a nice expression to the waiter. “Devonte is one of the happiest and most positive people. He always greets us with the biggest smile. I hope your heart is as BIG as mine and you will help me spread kindness around the world. Any amount helps.”

Devonte said he cried when he learned what Kaizen had done for him. “I started crying, I was struggling silently and I didn’t want to ask anyone for anything,” she said.

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Those amounts

Gardner explained that he used the money from the tip to pay a $60 motel stay, roughly R$300, per night.

“We’ve had to give up most of our stuff because of the mold, but we’re slowly coming back,” Gardner said.

“Even when you can work double shifts, it’s hard to get ahead,” he said. “I am grateful to have a job that I like, but it is difficult to save enough to improve my family’s situation.”

Gardner said she really enjoys working at Waffle House because she gets to “make people feel good every day.” “I love the people who come, especially Kaizen. For this little boy to do that out of the kindness of his heart is truly humbling.”

Kaizen Hunter, 8, raised a lot of money for his waiter friend – Photo: Vittoria Hunter/Facebook

The boy who saved the waiter next to his mother - Photo: Vittoria Hunter / Facebook

The boy who saved the waiter next to his mother – Photo: Vittoria Hunter / Facebook

Waiter saved by boy with children - Photo: Devante Gardner / Facebook

Waiter saved by boy with children – Photo: Devante Gardner / Facebook

According to the Daily Mail

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