An 8-year-old surfer boy jumped into the pool and saved a drowning child

The 8-year-old surfer boy cleverly and quickly saved the 1-year-9-month-old child who was drowning. The child fell into the swimming pool in the city of Mongagua, on the south coast of Sao Paulo.

Bernardo, who is a surfer and already somewhat familiar with the water, jumped into the pool when he saw his cousin fall and managed to save the child before the adults. The incident happened at the house of Bernardo’s mother, Renata Cristina Rios, where the family was gathering.

When all were gathered, the child jumped over the fence protecting the entrance to the pool and fell into the water. Bernardo, who was playing near the water, did not think twice and jumped into the pool to save his little cousin.

Surfing and First Aid Lesson

The boy’s heroic act has an explanation. For Renata, what helped her son save his drowning cousin were the surfing lessons the boy attended.

“He is a surfer and already a competitor. He is part of a project that exists here in Mongagua, which is a social project, and this is where he developed a little sea skills and everything else,” said the proud mother.

Renata also told that everything happened very quickly, when some adults noticed and ran to help the little child, Bernardo had already taken the first step.

The boy’s mother also told that there are first aid courses in the social project in which her son participates.

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Surf School Project:

The project that Renata’s son participates in is the Surf School project, created by the NGO since 2016, which serves 70 children in the city of Mongagua.

Julio Cesar is the project’s instructor and said that Bernardo has the potential to become the future Gabriel Medina, the highlight of Brazilian surfing.

“In all the championships he participates in, he takes second and third place at his age,” he said.

The child’s heroic act was recognized by the teachers of the project, who awarded Bernardo with the “Hero’s act for salvation” certificate.

Note that the organization The Surf School Project stated that it aims to consolidate knowledge as a whole; “We teach them about citizenship, discipline and solidarity.” With a class like this, Bernardo couldn’t do it any other way, could he?

The choice to participate in the project is made by submitting the school’s report. Students must complete school and surf activities to stay in the course.

The students with the best records are transported to the World Surfing Stage in Sakuarema, with the opportunity to see the world champions up close.

Surf Escola is supported by Sport Vida NGO and GB Mar.

A boy used a technique he learned in surfing to save a drowning child. Photo: Playing / CNN.

The boy who saved the child in the pool, next to Professor Julio, who taught first aid. Photo: Publicity / Correio Braziliense.

According to CNNBrasil.

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