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By Henrique on July 16, 2022 at 12:19 pm

Manaus – Richardson de Souza Zogahibe, 36, known as Rick, killed on Friday night (15), in Guaporema street, Cidade Nova district, north of Manaus, had a history of drug trafficking in addition to allegedly being a greengrocer.

According to police, Richardson had a history of drug dealing. He lived for a while in Fortaleza after being threatened, but returned to Manaus. The crime is still being investigated by the civil police. “He charged and ended up getting charged,” a Nova Cidade acquaintance of Richardson’s, who declined to be identified, reported.


The thieves were waiting for the victim a few meters from the apartment in a red Mobi car. Three criminals armed with pistols got out of the vehicle and attacked Richardson several times, who spent some time in his own car, a Mercedes A 200. Richardson could not resist and died on the spot.

Watch the video:

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