An atypical case of mad cow: the government tries to meet with China to resume exports

Minister Carlos Fávaro hopes the virtual meeting will take place by Tuesday

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Laboratory analysis confirmed that the case of mad cow registered in Para is atypical

The result of the laboratory analysis of the World Organization for Animal Health, in Canada, confirmed that the case of Mad cow registered in ABOUT it is atypical. The official report is being prepared and should be sent from the laboratory today. The federal government has already notified Chinese authorities and requested a meeting, as the country is the main destination for beef exports from Brazil. As of February 23, Brazil has suspended shipments of the product to the Asian country pending rebuttal of the international exam. Minister of Agriculture, Carlos Favaroinformed us that negotiations to resume shipments will begin early next week.

“The result of the Canadian laboratory analysis is already in the system, GACC has already been communicated [Administração Geral de Alfândegas da China], has communicated to the Animal Health Organization and is now waiting for them to study all the information. We are already looking for a virtual meeting, we believe it can happen on Tuesday, to work on the decision”, said the minister. The atypical case of mad cow occurs spontaneously, usually in older animals, and poses no risk to the beef consumer. According to the World Organization for Animal Health, Brazil has a negligible risk of this disease.

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