An elderly woman was beaten to death by her niece’s boyfriend; watch the video

By writing 1 March 12, 2023 at 5:10 pm | Updated March 12, 2023 at 5:10 p.m

Brazil – Last Thursday (08), the elder Eunice Fernandes da Silva Justino, 65, was killed in the neighborhood of Vicente Soella in Colatina, in the northwest of Espírito Santo. She was beaten with sticks by her niece’s boyfriend.

According to information, the suspect had an argument with the woman after she refused to allow him and her niece to use drugs in the yard of the house.

Eunice kicked them both out. However, according to the statements of witnesses of the Military Police, they returned and tried to enter the house again. The suspect pushed the victim who fell to the ground and grabbed a piece of wood to defend himself. The man took a tree and used it to hit the woman twice in the head and once in the chest area.

The couple fled the scene towards the Ayrton Senna neighborhood, but found themselves in the Carlos Germano Nauman neighborhood, in front of the workshop, walking along the Gether Lopes de Farias highway.

According to the prime minister, the person came forward and confirmed what the witnesses said, admitting the crime. He was arrested and detained in XV.

Civil police reported that the victim’s body was sent to the Legal Medical Service (SML) of Colatina.

Watch the video:

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