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An inexpensive product from the kitchen cabinet outperforms all fertilizers. Just 3 tablespoons and houseplants will grow like crazy!

Your flowers on the windowsill look miserable after winter. The short day is not in their favor, but with the coming of spring, that will change. Now is the time to strengthen your plants and water them with fertilizer that will provide them with valuable minerals.

Lush, green plants are the showpiece of every hobby gardener. After all, anyone can become one, even if you don’t have your own garden or even a balcony, you can successfully grow flowers at home. The selection of beautiful potted plants today is so wide that it is sometimes difficult to decide and resist the temptation to buy as many of them as possible for your home. However, diversity is not everything. you also have to take care of the plants, of course. In addition to water and light, they also need regular fertilization, which guarantees their beautiful appearance and growth. You can make homemade compost with the help of a certain plant, check what it is about.

How does lentil fertilizer work?

What will benefit your flowers is a simple fertilizer lentil. It is rich phosphorus, potassium, nitrogen and boron, i.e. nutrients your plants need to grow beautifully. Fertilizer will nourish the soil, strengthen roots and promote growth and increase plant resistance to disease.

How to make homemade compost for lentil flowers?

Preparation of such fertilizer is very simple. You just need it three tablespoons of any lentils. Place them in a container and pour over liter of water. Then set the jar aside nearby 4 hours. After this time, simply strain the liquid into a clean container and water the flowers with it. Just use this treatment once a monthto strengthen the plants and ensure the infusion of minerals necessary for their proper growth. The compost from this recipe does not need to be diluted and can be poured directly into the pots without dilution. The important thing is to use it immediately after preparation.

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