An upcoming Overwatch 2 patch puts several fan-favorite heroes on the chopping block ahead of Season 2, but not the ones players want

A few changes are coming to Overwatch 2, with several heroes about to get some notable changes. These changes will come on November 15, ahead of Overwatch 2’s second season, when the Bizzard team behind the hero shooter said it would make the most significant changes to a number of heroes, giving everyone ample time to test them out. changes to see how they fit into the current goal. While Blizzard is eyeing several heroes and how to nerf them, the team is also eyeing several others for upcoming buffs to get more players interested in using them.

Blizzard announced these changes on its blog. Notable heroes that have received buffs include D.Va, Genji, Kiriko, Zarya, and Sombra. Zarya’s barrier will be reduced by two seconds and the cooldown will be increased to 11 seconds, which is one second longer than the previous cooldown. This is probably the biggest hit for heroes in the mid-season patch, but we don’t see that stopping many players from using her as their favorite tank.

Sombra will also receive a noticeable nerf, with his hacked damage multiplier dropping to 25%. Also, a player hacked by Sombra cannot access their abilities for less time, now 1.5 seconds and Sombra cannot hack an already hacked player. Given the overall advantages of Shadow from the original Overwatch to Overwatch 2, we think these changes are warranted and should lessen the importance of this hero in team encounters.

So Genji’s nerf gives him fewer shurikens to use on his main attack, giving him only access to 24, and now they do 27 damage. D.Va is also getting a small damage nerf, with her buffs dropping to 15 damage and her Fusion Cannon Fusion going up to 3.75, making it harder for these shots to connect to a single target. Kirko’s nerf is also reasonably small, with her Swift Step ability only making her invulnerable for 0.25 seconds.

Fortunately, these are the biggest nerfs coming in the mid-season patch. Unfortunately, many players criticize Blizzard for not getting one of the most notable heroes: Sojourn. A lot of players feel like he needs his nerf, especially since players seem to die out of nowhere when hit by one of his charge shots. Also, many think this is a very strong attack.

However, it is essential to note that the Blizzard team is looking to benefit from other heroes such as Doomfist, who is seen by many as one of the weakest tanks and potentially the worst character in the game. However, these changes won’t happen until the start of Season 2.

In addition to wanting more changes, players are also asking for these changes to take place on November 15th, three weeks after the official announcement. The community feels they need the Blizzard team to react faster instead of waiting for Season 2 to start.

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