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Scores of vendors selling African National Congress (ANC) merchandise have set up shop at the Nasrec Expo Center which is hosting the Sixth ANC Political Conference in Johannesburg.

The ruling party’s political conference will evaluate the policies adopted at the previous conference and monitor their implementation.

Hats, shoes, dresses and coats can cost anything from R200 to thousands of rand.

According to one of the merchandisers, they sell outside because that’s the designated area for some of them, and for others it’s an assigned area in the conference area.

“We as a group of merchandisers communicate with each other and decide who will go outside and who will go display their goods inside. This is a group decision.”

Vendors say they always travel to the place where an ANC gathering or conference will be held to market and sell.

Many of the vendors’ potential customers are the 2,000 delegates expected to attend the conference, as well as some people who may be passing by and interested in adding ANC merchandise as part of their fashion.

In the gallery below are some of the goods on display:

Photos by Busisiwe Radebe

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