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African National Congress (ANC) President Cyril Ramaphosa says the ruling party still has a long way to go to eradicate poverty, inequality and underdevelopment.

South Africa is grappling with rising inflation, sluggish economic growth and declining business and consumer confidence attributed to the effects of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

Addressing ANC delegates at the Nasrec Expo Center south of Johannesburg, Ramaphosa said discussions at the ANC’s political conference should send a clear and positive message about the plight of South Africans.

Ramaphosa says service delivery, COVID-19 and state capture have contributed to the major challenges facing the country.

He says: “These discussions must also be underpinned by finding solutions to the challenges facing our country and our people. I would like our approach to go beyond bemoaning the challenges our people face, but offer solutions. In keeping with the traditions of the ANC, where we have different views and approaches to different views, we are always able to come out with consistent policies, so we promise to come out here with clear policies. Here, at this conference, we will reflect on the state of unemployment in our country. We will reflect on the state of our economy, but more importantly, we must then figure out what needs to be done.

Critical questions

Ramaphosa promised that the party’s sixth national political conference will deliver decisions and discuss and address critical issues that affect the implementation of the national democratic revolution.

He says that while the ANC’s constitution provides for the party to hold a national general council meeting 30 months into each administration’s term, the COVID-19 pandemic has prevented that from happening.

Ramaphosa says despite the many challenges facing the country, the ruling ANC is committed to finding solutions.

“This, comrades, is in many ways a defining moment for the ANC, but also for the alliance and our country. In the next three days, the resolutions we will adopt from this conference will determine the direction of our country. This conference should be seen as a place where we have a festival of ideas where the ANC fulfills its role as a leader of society by developing policies for the lived experience to shape the trajectory of our country.”

6th ANC National Policy Conference:

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