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And who will judge Nicholas Ferreira in the chamber?

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This website has just published that following the reactions of the incident “Nicole” Ferreira (PL-MC), at least four parties are running to head the House Ethics and Parliamentary Respectability Council, which has yet to be approved in the current legislature. But it is hard to believe that this indicates a real desire to change the lazy and soft dynamics that characterize this college.

At the end of 2022, 13 cases were pending consideration by the Council. With the change in the composition of the Chamber, all of them were forever archived, as the rules have recently been changed to prevent cases from being reviewed after they have passed through one legislature.

Last week, Arthur Lira Nicolas Ferreira lectured on Twitter like a beadle scolding a child. Then he said that he considered the matter closed. This is another example of how Congress prefers to treat certain species “Slide” internal.

Chairing the Ethics Committee is a good thing. The note gives considerable bargaining power to the party occupying it. It is not surprising that PA and LH, representing the ideological poles of the House, as well as ŽK, representing the central jam, are controversial. But just as Arthur Lyra increased his power no open impeachment proceedings against Jair Bolsonaro, The party holding the presidency of the Ethics Council accumulates influence in the chamber, putting the processes to sleep.. That’s the game.

It is also much more convenient for the Congress to push heated discussions about the lack of parliamentary decorum to the STF instead of internalizing them. the minister Andre Mendonza He was invited to analyze the criminal representation sent to court against Nicolás Ferreira and has been bashed on social media since Friday for being evangelical and, like the MP, linked to Jair Bolsonaro. If there was a lottery Edson Fach, would be beaten for opposite reasons. Meanwhile, lawmakers are enjoying the weekend.

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