Anderson Torres’ defense asks the STF to revoke the preventive detention

For lawyer Rodrigo Roca, there is no justification for maintaining the designation of Minister Alexandre de Moraes, of the STF; The former security secretary of DF has been arrested since January 14


Anderson Torres
The behavior of Anderson Torres in the acts of January 8 is being investigated

the protection of Anderson Torres asked this Monday, the 6th, about it Federal Court of Justice (STF), the revocation of the preventive measure decreed against the former minister and the former secretary of Public Security of the Federal District. Minister of the Supreme Court, Alexandre de Moraes, determined the arrest on January 10, following indications of inaction and complicity in acts of vandalism in Brasília on January 8. on the website New pan, lawyer Rodrigo Roca, who represents Torres, has no reason to justify the arrest. Torres was responsible for the security of the federal capital when the buildings of National Congress, of the Supreme Court and the Planalto Palace were invaded and vandalized at the beginning of the year. In the request, the defense claims that Torres “did not fail to act, within the scope of his powers, and was not legally able to intervene in the actions, whose failures are the subject of this prosecution.” “The situation has changed since the decree of the prison. The information presented by Anderson in the statement, the public safety hearings in the Federal District and the presentation of the federal intervenor’s report, converged on the lack of failure in security planning. If there was any reason to order the arrest at that time, it no longer exists today,” Roca said of the report.

In the request, the defense claims that the detention constitutes “flagrant illegal disgrace”. The lawyers argue that the investigations have not been able to prove whether there was a release from the DF Secretary of Public Security. On Thursday, the 2nd, Torres testified at the Federal Police (PF). When he commented on the acts of January 8, he stated that he had received information about the possibility of demonstrations on Friday the 6th, two days before the invasion. However, according to him, there have been no signs that there will be radical actions. The former minister said that he had prepared a protocol of measures to avoid serious incidents, which according to him was not respected. If the request is rejected, the defense will seek to replace the prison with another “less severe” preventive measure. “Use of electronic surveys, house arrest. There are several measures that the reporter [Alexandre de Moraes] can adopt. There is no reason to keep the detention today,” Roca reinforced.

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