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Andre Marsilia, in Crusoe. “Friends – the law”

Photo: Playback/Instagram

in the article crusoelawyer Andre Marcilia Santos cites the case anesthesiologist Giovanni Quintella (Photo) – caught in the hand to rape a pregnant woman, comment on our flawed legislation, tailored to the customer’s taste”.

“It happens that the law 9296/96 in its article 8-A, § 4° directly states that audio and video recording, if not done with the prior knowledge of the authorities, may be used as evidence in defense cases only. In other words, the anesthesiologist’s attorneys will have their plate full to render such incontrovertible evidence unfit for trial, or it will be up to the judge to admit the video through one of those sneaky interpretations that, while salvaging the dignity of the law; , ultimately legitimizing the activity of the judiciary and the subjectivity of its decisions.

Clause 4 is “pearl” included in Article 8-A of the Law A. change of rocambolesca legislature in original terms in the 2019 anti-crime package and was probably designed to contain the press or disaffected people who could catch powerful people in criminal activity by recording audio and video of transactions.”

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