Andressa Urach is caught by her ex-husband talking to ‘sat4nás’ and she admits that she has returned to prostitution; look

In the interview, Andressa would even oppose her ex-partner’s criticism of prostitution. “Who is he to say anything if he met me to pay me? Why talk bad about a call girl when she can be a mother, can raise your child? I’m not doing it today, but if I come back I’ll post. When I was pregnant and he left me, I announced that we would get back together. If I come back, I’ll post it myself. Now I’m only on Only Fans,” he added.

“Talking about all this is very difficult for me, it hurts a lot. I don’t remember much of what happened, but I know he was only talking about spiritual things. He filmed me sizzling, talking… I can’t believe he put something on me while he was watching. [SIC] drinking because I was talking a lot of nonsense. I don’t remember, but there are these recordings. I think he did everything on purpose. Why did he have a reason to film? This is because he has an intention, if he was worried let him find a solution and not film the person. He did all this to get custody of Leon. You can see in the process that it is somehow rigged. We lived together, even though we were separated, but he went crazy and tried to get custody of him.”

Andressa also denied that she tried to kill her son.

“At no point did I take a knife and try to kill someone. What he said was a lie. Everything is spiritual, nothing physical. At no point did I grab a knife and say I was going to kill. In fact, those who know Jesus give him their lives, give the lives of their children to Jesus, but this is a figurative meaning, not a killing meaning. I wouldn’t kill my son, but what I said: ‘My son is yours, take care of him’. He [o marido] I already wanted Leon’s guardianship, it was architectural, Machiavellian. Everything you’ve written so far… It’s been almost 30 days since I’ve seen my son. I took a protective measure against him because he took my things out on the street… I feel threatened by him. I went to the police station and reported it. Any woman who feels threatened… It’s not just a physical attack, but also a verbal one… I think I felt threatened and I believe that Leon would be in danger at this point if I stayed with him, that’s why I asked for custody , I want to care, to create, but he did it all armed. He used my background, my book in which I write that I was involved in drugs, prostitution… He is very intelligent because he is a lawyer. He is a friend of all the judges in the city, the city has 20,000 inhabitants, he works for a judge, so it is very easy to get a waiting list,” said Luciani Gimenez in an interview.

*With information from Glamor Globe*.

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