Andressa Urach says that she suffered threats from Cristiano Ronaldo after the affair was exposed

The model said the Portuguese star denied the selfie after ‘staying’ at the luxury hotel in Madrid

Editing – Playback/Instagram/@andressaurachoficial – HEULER ANDREY/DIA SPORTIV/STADÃO CONTENTAndressa Urach and Cristiano Ronaldo
Model Andressa Urach said she had an affair with player Cristiano Ronaldo

Model Andressa Urach stated that he was threatened and insulted by the player Cristiano Ronaldo. The alleged aggressions would have happened in 2012, after Andressa exposed an affair between them. The statements were made during the participation in the “Inteligência Ltda” podcast. In the interview, the model said that she had a relationship with the athlete, even though he denied the facts. “But it happened, he knows it happened. He denied it, he still denies it to this day. And I got angry. I’ve just been very stuck. I actually just wanted a picture with him because I was a fan. He was the one who asked me, so we booked a place in that wonderful hotel in Madrid and then stayed there,” he said. Andressa said that the Portuguese did not expect her to publicly expose the relationship between them. “But I got angry because he stayed with me, but he didn’t take a selfie, so I threw it all in the press,” he recalls. She also said that she met the soccer star through other Brazilian athletes. However, their identity has not been disclosed.

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