Android 13 for the old LG V30 thanks to LineageOS

Manufacturers of Android smartphones have only recently started thinking about regular system updates. Just a few years ago, it was very fragile in this respect. So, how LG V30 do you have the new android 13?

Android 13 on an old LG V30

LG V30 is a smartphone that had its premiere in 2017. If we remember such ancient times, but it is difficult for us to recall the events of that period, I will only add that you could buy in stores in the same year Samsung Galaxy S8, in Poland, middle schools began to be dissolved, and BOR limousines were more often broken than glasses at a rally of Parkinson’s patients.

Fast scrolling through the pages in the calendar, until 2019. At that time, Notre Dame Cathedral and a large piece of Amazon forest burned down, and the monument to Fr. Prelate Henryk Jankowski in Gdańsk had a close encounter with the sidewalk. oh, I Major software support has ended LG V30.

It is interesting that this smartphone and not later flagships from LG, got the opportunity to download a custom Lineage OS based on Android 13.

So if someone is still using this model, they don’t want to part with it and like it at the same time bag in software, then Lineage OS will be to him as he found it. It can download the latest version directly from Lineage directory.

LG V30. What a machine!

Hope for older LG smartphones?

LG is no longer interested in making smartphones. In 2021, the last phones with the logo of this brand on the body left the factories. And while the company has committed to updating its mobile devices, the end of their support has inevitably come.

However, because in the catalog of smartphones released by LG there are newer designs than LG V30, There is hope that Lineage OS will be ready for them too. Even if they used non-standard systems, it would still be quite an achievement. After all – if the “six year old” can be suitable for installing Android 13, why not like this LG V60 ThinQ?

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