Android 14 will bring a lot of interesting news

Yesterday, Google released Android 14 Developer Preview 2, the second and final version intended for developers – the first public beta version will appear in April 2023. Although we are still dealing with a fairly early version of the system, many new features have appeared in it .

New features in Android 14 Developer Preview 2

The latest Android 14 developer release includes a “very minor” animation fix when viewing the media player on the lock screen. Additionally, when you tap its control, a flash effect appears to confirm that the user has tapped a certain button (eg start and pause audio). In addition, Google also changed the appearance and composition of the menu through which you can switch the audio output device – the list shows all nearby or available speakers and devices with Cast, and the volume slider received an icon informing about its muting.

Another new feature spotted in Android 14 Developer Preview 2 is a feature called “Flash Notifications” – it lets you use the display and/or LED flash next to the camera to inform about new notifications. You can even choose any color for the screen to light up, but there isn’t much customization like setting a different color for each app or the way the LED light flashes. However, this feature is hidden in the accessibility settings, which might explain it.

In Android 14 Developer Preview 2, the monochromatic Material You theme was also spotted – it was also found in the accessibility settings. There are rumors that thanks to it, Google will add to its system the ability to set a personalized clock on the lock screen – work on this feature has been underway since 2019.

Another customization feature found in Android 14 Developer Preview 2 is the option to create emoji wallpapers. Interestingly, right now it looks like it might be reserved for Pixel series devices only. Creating wallpapers is possible in the new Emoji Lab – you can choose different emoticons (up to 14) and the style in which they will be arranged, for example mosaic, lotus or prism, as well as theme color. It also has a function to create a random configuration. Created wallpapers can be edited and shared.

In Android 14 Developer Preview 2, another novelty was discovered – the new system will make completely useless the applications that should “clean” the RAM. When Android 14 detects that such a program wants to do something like this, the system will only allow it to terminate its own background processes.

Google believes in this A third-party app cannot improve the memory, power or temperature performance of an Android deviceBecause Android is designed to cache apps in the background and kill them automatically when the system needs memory. It should be remembered that the “cleaners” bring only a temporary effect, since some of the applications “killed” by them will be restarted soon anyway, which consumes more energy than keeping them in memory.

What other new features will Android 14 bring?

These are the latest features found in Google’s new system – information about others that we have already encountered can be found in the articles about Android 14 Developer Preview 2 and Android 14 Developer Preview 1. However, you should remember that the new version it is still being tested and not all noticed news should be in the official version, which we expect to be released in the third quarter of 2023 (in August or September, because in July Google will release the last beta version).

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