Android FINALLY more powerful than the iPhone? There is evidence for this

Apple processors finally got a worthy rival. Snapdragon 8 gen 2 puts A16 Bionic on its shoulder.

The performance battle between Apple and Android smartphones has been going on since both groups of phones first saw the light of day. Apple was always two lengths ahead of the competition in this race, presenting smartphones that were unmatched in terms of performance. And while Apple has rarely focused on processor performance in its marketing, and phones with Andek on the contrary, the difference has been very visible so far. After all, the power reserve generated by the A-series SoCs is one of the main factors why older iPhones hold their price a bit better than their competition. Every year we also hear that the trend is about to reverse and that the new Snapdragon will finally match Apple’s chip.

And as silly as it sounds – it just might work this year

Despite being second to the Android competition for a long time, this year might actually be a bit of a breakthrough, as Qualcomm has thrown another gear with the renaming of its SoCs and hit the button that says “turbo” when it comes to creating the best and most efficient layouts . Snapdragon 8 gen 1 and 8+ gen 1 were powerful, but the upcoming Snapdragon 8 gen 2 seems to be much more capable. Especially when you compare its actual performance with what the processor in the latest iPhone 14 Pro presents, it is clear that the difference is in favor of the Snapdragon.

For the uninitiated – Extreme Wild Life Stress Test is a program that is used to measure performance under heavy load. Runs the same demanding benchmark 20 times to simulate real-life usage (eg long gaming sessions). It’s true that it mostly checks GPU performance, but overall it’s one of the best tools for checking both performance and device cooling. In this case, someone managed to perform such a benchmark on the Vivo X90, and the results give food for thought.

First off – the max points are awesome. 3700 is an out of range number when I see even realme with Snap 8 gen 1 hit them… 2500. Also as you can see Vivo has done a very good job with the cooling as the throttling is minimal on these models. This made the worst benchmark in the ranking better than … the best on the iPhone. What does it mean? Well, in applications like video games, that is – most applications that force smartphones to do some effort – Android will be a better choice than iPhone in 2023. And that’s great news for us consumers. Will such power change the way you use your smartphone every day? Absolutely, but it can extend its market life even more, which is also definitely a plus.

It appears that the iPhone’s years of dominance as the most powerful device on the market are coming to an end.

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