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Animal welfare. country is concerned about the situation of animal shelters. consultations

animal welfare
The country is concerned about the situation of animal shelters. consultations

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Everything is getting expensive. For everyone, including animal shelters. In addition to the costs, homes also have to be raided when people bought a pet during the pandemic and are now overwhelmed.

Food is getting more expensive, so is electricity, and after the Corona pet boom, four-legged friends who have been thrown out are gathering in completely overloaded homes; The country wants to explore how it can prepare a rescue package to help animal shelters better support financially strapped institutions. The Ministry of Agriculture announced that there are no concrete decisions yet. The Animal Welfare Advisory Council, chaired and advised by the Minister, has recently dealt intensively with the subject.

In the wake of the coronavirus crisis, animal shelters are struggling to cope with a surge in sales of animals bought during the pandemic, Agriculture Minister Peter Hauck (CDU) has said. Many of these animals, especially young dogs, need intensive care because the previous owners were completely inexperienced and overwhelmed when handling animals. Due to rising energy costs, many animal shelters also feared that more and more exotic wildlife, such as reptiles, would be surrendered or abandoned. “Keeping these demanding animal species requires a high level of energy, and feed costs increase significantly here as well,” Hauck said. Illegal online trade, which still flourishes, also makes life difficult for animal shelters, while at the same time fewer donations are made.

Hauck called on cities and municipalities to review the cost-of-found animal agreements. “But I also urge potential pet owners to realize the responsibility that comes with owning a pet before purchasing one,” the minister said. “Simply taking a pet out of its familiar environment and banishing it to an animal shelter is a bad solution anyway.”

According to the State Animal Welfare Association, finding many abandoned four-legged friends is not easy. They stay longer than average in shelters, many are old, sick or have behavioral problems. The relevant association covers most of the costs of the animal shelter through donations, legacies and its own events, such as animal shelter festivals, information booths or flea markets. Due to the epidemic, this income has collapsed dramatically, and supplies have been depleted in many cases. “Individual animal shelters already have to take out loans in order to be able to continue paying their employees’ salaries,” the message says.


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