Anita is a victim of Deepfake, a technology that recreates faces on the Internet. understand

Singer Anita recently became a victim of deepfake, a technology that uses artificial intelligence to recreate a person’s face on the Internet. The singer’s publicist has confirmed that they use the artist’s face in a sex video.

“It is not about Anita, but about a criminal operation that uses digital resources to deceive the public by inserting one person’s face into another,” explained the singer’s team.

This Wednesday on Popverso (27), Marie Palma interviewed SaferNet director Juliana Cunha to discuss the legal aspects of this practice and how the use of deepfake could affect elections.

“The point of regulation is not to ban or prevent deepfake technologies, but to hold accountable those who create and broadcast this type of content to cause harm on the Internet or to cause certain deception and misinformation. Then, yes, legislation can be applied for that,” said the expert.

Juliana Cunha emphasized the importance of “skepticism” on the Internet and always being suspicious of the content being shared, especially in an election year.

“The golden rule on the Internet is skepticism, that is, don’t immediately believe everything you use. During the election, we will certainly have, as we have had in other years, deep fake content using images of candidates in embarrassing situations. So you have to check the source if it is real and true,” he said in an interview with Popverso.

This Thursday’s Popverso (27) can be seen in its entirety in the video above.


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