Another one with Ibaneis

The governor admitted that the predecessor Jose Roberto Arruda has support, but said he is calm.

With the determination of its national leadership, the PTB became the newest member of the coalition supporting the re-election of Governor Ibanez Rocha. It was a turnaround as the party talked about defending the candidacy of Senator Jose Antonio Reguf, led by his potential deputy, Paula Belmonte. But the summit has spoken, and this Monday the 18th, the party formally endorsed Ibáñez, in an event attended by national leaders and regional president Paulo Roris. Ibáñez received support alongside his deputy Celina Leao and former minister Damares Alves. The governor admitted that his predecessor, José Roberto Arruda, has support, but said he is calm because he trusts the work he has developed, which has been recognized by the population.

With Ibanez with the military police

Since last Friday, Governor Ibanez Rocha participated in a marathon of events. It began with a luncheon with hundreds of military police officers from the Square Improvement course and the Advanced Studies course at the Country Club Squares of Brazil. In the meeting, Ibáñez thanked the Prime Minister for his work in the Federal Region and cited actions taken by his government, such as the appointment of more than 2,500 police officers and the reduction of the interstate period for promotion. They, he said, are part of a series of measures that have led to a significant reduction in the crime rate. “Since 2018, it has been our commitment to value all security forces in the Federal District,” the governor reminded. He also noted that “Military police have maintained full-time operations, even during the epidemic, which has given Buriti the conditions to increase the number of troops on the streets, and the reflection is in the numbers.” Also attending the luncheon were Ibáñez-elect Rep. Celina Leo, MDB Regional President Rafael Prudente, and Legislature Head of Government Regional Hermeto, who is up for re-election.

The caller alerts the PP

The super candidacy organized by Celina Leao as PP Regional President is swinging to run for the Chamber of Deputies. In order to reach the electoral coefficient and elect at least three deputies, the ticket will be based mainly on five names: Celina herself, who will run for re-election, but former governor Rogerio Rosso, district José Gómez and former federal deputies Rony Nemer and Ronaldo Fonseca. all are considered good voters. With Selina gone, there was a danger that only three of these pollsters would remain. After all, Ronnie Nemer is a subordinate judge, in the same capacity as former governor Jose Roberto Arruda. Both hinge on a Federal Supreme Court ruling on the general implications of the new administrative malpractice law. Despite the great potential of the others, Jose Gomez is hinting at the possibility of abandoning this ticket and running for the district. Rogerio Rosso also expressed indignation.


An exception is Ronaldo Fonseca, without a mandate since 2018, when he considered running for the Senate, but remained a minister in Temer’s government until the end. He gathered the campaign coordinators in Taguatinga, praised the group and said that they will be able to overcome the votes of the last campaigns. Let’s just remind that thanks to evangelical support, Fonseca was one of the most voted in 2010, and in 2014 it reached 85 thousand votes.

Rue in the full campaign

Former governor Jose Roberto Arruda has not yet specified, even publicly, in which position he intends to participate in this year’s elections. But he defined that he was in the campaign. He sent a significant message in one of the many meetings he attended in recent days. For the large audience of Planaltina, he said: “A man’s life is not measured by how many times he falls, but by how many times he dares to get up.” As in Planaltina, as in Gama, Vicente Pires, and the other towns he visited, he repeated a phrase which had the same meaning; “I thank God for allowing me to return to my political life with everyone’s support.” Arruda repeats the path he already took in 2001, when he was caught up in the episode of the breach of the confidentiality of the electronic voting system of the Senate. He had to resign as a senator in May of that year to avoid impeachment, which would also happen to powerful Senate President Antonio Carlos Magales. Arruda bid farewell to the mandate in a dramatic speech in which he admitted his guilt, but explained: “I didn’t steal, I didn’t kill.” The population of the federal district underestimated the issue, and the following year Arruda was elected federal deputy with a record vote. Four years later, he was governor, the only one elected in the first round in the last 32 years.

Flavia guarantees that she will be a candidate

Former minister Flavia Arruda warned this Monday, the 18th, that her candidacy for senator is preserved. He remembered that it has been under construction for more than a year, and said that he will naturally follow, because it is natural for you, a deputy, to think about the Senate. However, he insisted that the door be open to alliances, although he did not mention Governor Ibanez Rocha, with whom he is a partner. “I’m a bridge builder, not a wall builder,” he explained. Flavia said she was very happy “for my husband’s return to politics”. For him, “this does not cause confusion, but joy.” He also commented that “after being out of politics for so long, of course this will bring euphoria”, although he avoided talking about what position he will run for or with what coalitions.

pre-election headquarters

PL, the party of Flávia and José Roberto Arruda, opened this Monday night the 18th its new office that will host this year’s campaign. It is located in District 701, in the Southern Radio and Television sector.


The new party is resisting

Although there are contacts between the supporters of José Roberto Arruda and the team of Senator José Antonio Reguf, the first strongest reaction to the eventual candidacy of the former governor came from an ally of Reguf. Lawyer Paulo Roque, who is expected to run for the Senate on his ticket for the New Party, decided to overturn a court order that restored Arruda’s political rights as a preliminary injunction. “So that means the video of the ex-governor being bribed never existed,” Paulo Roque commented.

Damaris opens the campaign

Federal district Republican Senate candidate, former minister Damares Alves, started his first campaign this Monday the 18th. In it, she talks about her work, calling herself an “angry woman” who has always “struggled for transformation.” He talks about his life path, born in Paraná, spending most of his childhood in the Northeast, living in São Paulo and the last 24 years in Brazil. She says she is the socio-affective mother of the indigenous girl when she appears on the video showing off the headdress. He ends by promising that he will not “negotiate values” nor “give in to the project of power”.

Is this really the end of the novel?

This Tuesday the 19th, the national leadership of the PSDB-Civic Federation can finally decide who leads the party alliance in the Federal Region, Senator Izalci Lucas of the PSDB or Federal MP Paula Belmonte of Cidadania. In this case, the tukans received the majority of votes, 15 to 5, the count was reversed in the regional court. Their walk on the weekend shows the paths of each. On Saturday and Sunday, the senator visited Structural and posted videos of these meetings. The MP has been active in Braslandia and released a video in support of Senator Regufi, his preferred GDF candidate, with whom he wants to form a ticket for the Deputy or Senate. On Friday the 15th, the first meeting of the federation took place in Brazil, chaired by Senator Izalchi, but which has a 7-4 majority of Citizens. The federal deputy for citizenship issues prefers Reguf. The documents were under the responsibility of the head of Cidadania, who had not handed them over to the president of the local federation, Senator Izalci, until Monday afternoon.

Beauty salons will get tax breaks

Beauty salons in the Federal District will be exempted after Congress overturned President Jair Bolsonaro’s veto, which defines the square concept in the Industrial Product Tax legislation as the municipality where the establishment is based. located. sender According to Achilles Augustus Cavallo, a lawyer of the Brazilian Association of Beauty Salons, the adopted law will reduce the taxable base of the IPI, which is transferred through cosmetic products to the industry and its professionals. Before the law, the collection of IPI made the sector’s liabilities more expensive and therefore fell on the shopkeepers.


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