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Ansbach. Large-scale surgery. a drunken man threatens his family

Major surgery. drunk man threatens family

The officers were able to subdue the man. photo:

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An aggressive and drunk man threatens to attack his wife and family members with a club. The police and special forces move in.

In Ansbakh, a drunken man threatened his family, triggering a large-scale police operation. Officials were finally able to subdue the mentally disturbed man, who was admitted to a specialized clinic, the police said on Saturday.

Early on Saturday evening, the ambulance was called to a residential building in the city center because, according to witnesses, a man threatened to attack family members with a club. When police arrived, “a highly aggressive 50-year-old man also directed his mass threats” at police officers, it said. Therefore, reinforcements and special forces were informed. Therefore, the area around the house was surrounded by a large area.

Then the police entered the building, where they met the man on the first floor. Officials were able to overpower the 50-year-old citizen, and he received a cut on his head. The police officers were not injured, as were the man’s wife and two other family members who were present. Police said a breath alcohol test on the man showed a value of more than one thousand. Since he had mental disorders, he was placed in a specialized clinic. It was initially unclear whether or not the man actually had a machete.


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