Anticipation of Father’s Day boosts optimism in DF trade

Commerce expects a big move on Memorial Day. It is expected to collect R$245 million in sales, R35 million more than last year.

By Mark Neilton
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Father’s Day, which falls on August 14 this year, promises to drive business in the Federal District. Expectations are that the date will bring in sales of 245 million rubles this year. In 2021, the date injected R$210 million into the DF economy, and in 2020 revenues reached R$60 million, as it was the first holiday in which commercial enterprises in the capital could operate during the lockdown. the epidemic. The numbers are from the retail trade union (Sindivarejista), which brings together 30,000 high street and mall shops across the DF.

According to a survey conducted by the Federation of Goods, Services and Tourism of the Federal District (Fecomércio-DF), the increase in Father’s Day sales should be 21.5% compared to the previous year. Who goes shopping, intends to spend an average of 192.10 rubles. The value is 49.4% higher than in 2021, which was R$128.58.

According to a survey of 500 entrepreneurs conducted at the beginning of June, 62.9% of respondents have higher sales expectations than in 2021. Another 35.9% think that it will be the same. Only 1.2% expect lower sales. The average ticket from shopkeepers was 207.05 rials. Compared to last year, the increase is 11%, which amounted to 186.42 rubles.

For Fecomércio-DF president José Aparecido Freire, several factors reflect the local economic recovery trend. “At this same time last year, we were still feeling the consequences of the epidemic. A lot has changed since then. In addition to the return to normality in terms of people movement, this year we have already recorded four consecutive increases in the Index of Entrepreneur Confidence (ICE), as well as a decrease in unemployment, including in contingent trade and the services sector,” he said. said: “The tendency is that the second semester will be better than the first,” concludes the president.

The survey also shows that 63.2% of the 513 surveyed consumers intend to give gifts to their parents this year. 26.46% of those who do not give gifts to their father said that they have financial difficulties. Another 51.31 percent have no one to give the gift to. In addition, 13.23% said they were unemployed, and 8.99% did not like this date.

The most chosen products for gifts were shoes/accessories (31.2%); cosmetics/perfume (19.1%) and clothing and accessories (9.9%). Credit purchases will be the most at 39.2%, followed by cash (32.4%) and debit (20.1%). These last two together make up 52.5%. This means that more than half intend to repay their purchases immediately. Additionally, 7.1% must use Pix/Transfer as a payment method. Finally, 1.2% said they would use a bank check to pay for the gift.


The research also shows that mall and high street/neighborhood physical stores are the most used places to buy gifts, adding up to over 65%. Followed by street vendors/fairs (20.7%), internet shopping (9.4%) and department stores (4%).


71.5% of the surveyed shopkeepers stated that they would use a certain strategy to increase sales. Another 18.93% are publicity and advertising, thematic display 18.93%, product variety 17.63% and promotion 17.28% are the main activities.

In contrast to consumers, shopkeepers expect sales to be mostly made through credit cards 87.2%. Only 12.4% believe that debit will be the main form of payment.

Most of the shopkeepers, 76.4%, stated that they will maintain the prices of goods compared to last year’s prices. The transfer to the supplier is the main reason for the readjustment. Average inflation expectation is +10.47 percent. According to the expectations of the sellers, the amount reaches 0.4 percent.



Sindivarejista president Sebastiao Abrita also believes Father’s Day sales will be better than last year. “Consumers returned to the streets and malls, and sales increased by an average of 12% on both Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day,” he said.

The timing couldn’t have been better for José Venceslau França, manager of Camisaria Nyll, a menswear store in the Conjunto Nacional mall. According to him, the expectations for the sale of products are very high. “We believe it will sell well, we hope to sell about 70 percent more than it is selling today because the store is for men, dating is good for sales,” he said.

The manager says that sales were not so good last year because of the epidemic and the lockdown. He also notes that customers choose from several different products. “A lot of cotton shirts come out, they sell everything, but since we are a t-shirt store, that’s the one that comes out the most. People try to spend more or less the average price of R$ 100.00,” said José Wenceslau France.

Special date

University student Ana Gabriela Ventura, 21, told Jornal de Brasília that she still doesn’t know what gift to give her father, Luis Ventura, 48. Still, she says she’s excited about the day, which she says is very special. because it is an opportunity to see even the most distant relatives.


“This year Father’s Day will be on Sunday and we are already preparing to bring the family together. Almost every year we get together for a barbecue during the celebration, but the last two were different because in 2020 we did not meet due to the pandemic, and in 2021 it was the closest. […] This year, the expectations are very good, because we intend to call everyone, including my grandparents, who almost never leave the house,” said the student.

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