App Store with new prices. Creators will have more control

Apple announces App Store price changes. Creators will have more freedom.

The App Store, that is, Apple’s application store, is not a place where we often witness any changes. Unfortunately, the company has a rather rigid and orthodox approach to what this place should look like. And for several years now, he has introduced only minor changes there. And although I still think that its behavior in the background of what is happening between the biggest competitor, the Google Play store, is exemplary from the editorial side, regular commands on the home page and generally widely understood regulation, the local price list. As far as I can remember, it raises doubts. For years, the biggest issue has been the approach to how the company pays creators, and only recently has something changed, with smaller creators no longer having to give back the “infamous” 30% of revenue, but only half of that. The recent App Store price increases, which are directly related to the change in the conversion rate, are also not optimistic. Now there is a shadow of a possibility that we will be able to get some things cheaper, but … all this at most as part of small packages or hack promotions. Apple is introducing more price ranges in its store, which gives creators a much wider field of action.

600 new price. Prices in the App Store can change a lot

Apple store prices can be quite…controversial. The truth is that until now creators had two options: either give away for free or at least a few zlotys. There is no way to sell trinkets for tens or several tens of pennies. But that is about to change in the near future. Apple will offer 600 new prices in the App Store this spring, with the cheapest ones starting at 29 cents in the US. The most expensive reaches up to … 10,000. dollars, which sounds too abstract, but now creators will also be able to contact Apple to individually determine the availability of even more expensive options. We remind you that currently the lowest of the price thresholds is 99 cents, so there is a possibility that there will be three times cheaper payments.

These new pricing changes will be available for auto-updating apps starting today, and for all other apps and in-app purchases in spring 2023, giving all developers unprecedented flexibility and control over the pricing of their products across 175 stores in 45 currencies. Under the App Store’s updated pricing system, all developers will be able to choose from 900 price points, a nearly 10-fold increase over the number of price points previously available for most apps. This includes 600 new price points to choose from, with an additional 100 higher price points available on demand. To provide more flexibility to developers worldwide, the price points, which will start at $0.29 and go up to $10,000, will offer a larger selection of prices that gradually increase in different price ranges (for example, every $10 to $10; every $0 .50 from $10 to $50 etc.)

Prices need to be adjusted and converted to local markets, so there’s a chance we’ll see PLN 1 accounts in the App Store soon. Will this encourage more mobile shopping? Time will tell, the market is constantly changing and growing, and each successive quarter is a new record…


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