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Apple fined $12 million by Procon-MG for selling iPhones without chargers

Apple received a fine of around R$12 million from Procon-MG, in Uberlândia, for selling the latest iPhone models without a charger. The Administrative Procedure (PA) started this Thursday, on the 2nd, by the representation of a consumer.

For MP-MG, Apple practices the connection, as it makes the plug adapter, an accessory and an essential device, the main target of its “abusiveness and profiteering”. In addition, the company is accused of committing other violations, such as product unsuitability, as well as breach of consumer trust.

In November 2022, the Federal Circuit Court had ruled in favor of Apple, allowing it to sell the devices without chargers. The Public Prosecutor’s Office of Minas Gerais (MP-MG) emphasized, however, that the AP is based on the existence of regional damages, hence its establishment.

Apple argued that the final price of the product was reduced for the consumer, but did not provide evidence. According to Fernando Martins, the prosecutor, the claim that the company is taking care of the environment by not putting the charger in the box should be investigated, because it means that it has not acted in favor of the environment before.


Procon-MG held an audience with Apple representatives, asking the company to suggest alternative means of reconciliation. However, according to the prosecutor, she was not interested in presenting a proposal. “Apple will appeal,” the company said in a note to Mobile Time.

Apple must pay a fine of R$ 11,999,504.59 to the Minas Gerais State Fund for Protection and Consumer Protection as a form of sanction for conduct that violates CDC rules.

From the notification, the company will have ten working days to file complaints. Or you have the option to pay the fine, within 30 working days, counting from the final and non-appealable decision.

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