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Apple introduces classical music app in March

Apple will release a unique application for classical music. The novelty will be available in the App Store on March 28.

The Apple Music Classical catalog, as it is called, will include more than five million unique songs and thousands of exclusive albums. Many classical pieces have had multiple versions and performances recorded and released, but Apple says the standalone app will offer “complete and accurate metadata” and the ability to “search by composer, work, conductor or even number of the catalog,” according to a release. .

The company is late in launching an app focused on classical music, which was slated for late last year. It is worth remembering that Apple acquired the Primephonic music service in 2021.

Access to the app is included with a standard Apple Music subscription.

Apple Music Classical will stream up to 192kHz/24-bit high-resolution lossless, and the company says it will include “thousands” of spatial audio recordings. Like Primephonic, it will offer complete and accurate classical metadata, and it will be possible to search by composer, work, conductor or even catalog number and find specific recordings.

It’s worth noting that there won’t be a native iPad version of the app, and Apple has confirmed to The Verge that Apple Music Classical won’t include offline downloads at launch.

Despite being an iOS exclusive, Apple says it will release the version for Android devices “soon.”

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