Apple is still working on the design of the car, premiere in 2026

The car project from Apple has been going on for a few years and according to various rumors it was even supposed to be canceled completely. However, it seems that Apple is not giving up and is slowly moving on to the specifics that should result in a finished vehicle in 2026.

The Apple Car is still in its infancy

A fresh batch of news about Project Titan, the car with the Apple logo, comes today from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, who claims that the Cupertino giant has slightly scaled back its plans and wants to focus on actually making the Apple Car and hitting the market later this year. decade. Initially, the plans were very ambitious, the car with the Apple logo was supposed to be completely autonomous, without a steering wheel or gas/brake pedals and with a cabin designed like a limousine, where passengers sit facing each other. There is practically nothing left of these plans. It turns out that all this autonomy is not so simple, and in addition, the regulation in many countries does not keep up, so Apple has returned to a more traditional design.

So the car will have a steering wheel, a more traditional seating arrangement and a lot of modern technology on board. The control chip, codenamed Denali, is said to offer the performance of the four most powerful processors installed in Mac computers. Apparently, this element is nearing completion and will be ready for testing soon, but it may end up being a little less powerful as Apple will want to cut costs. However, high computing power is necessary, as the car will be equipped with many different sensors to ensure at least partial autonomy, for example when driving on expressways. During this time, the driver and passengers will be able to use Apple’s rich multimedia offer.

When is the premiere of the apple car?

The problem is that the main control unit is so far the only piece of the puzzle that would be ready for testing. The rest of the Titan project teams are still in the middle of nowhere. The exterior is still to be determined and Mark Gurman refers to it as a pre-prototype. Most importantly, Apple still hasn’t picked an automotive partner to deliver the platform. Negotiations are still ongoing, last year there was talk of a potential collaboration with the Koreans from Hyundai/Kia, but it was quickly dismissed. At the moment it is not known who is the favorite for this race, but there are likely to be some rumors soon as road tests are due to start in 2025.

If everything goes according to the current plan, sales of the Apple Car could begin in 2026, and the price of the car should not exceed $ 100,000. An amount of up to 120,000 USD was previously discussed, so there is no doubt that the apple car will belong to the premium segment. Of course, if it ever comes into being, because looking at the current state, the whole project is still in its infancy. Everything will probably depend on how much Apple’s management with Tim Cook at the helm will care about this product.

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