Apple Maps in Poland are being updated! Here’s your new look

Apple has been very slow to make changes to its Maps app. The redesign is rolling out in other countries, but so far we haven’t been able to enjoy the new look of the app in Poland. There are signs that it is now – right now!

Apple Maps with a new look in Poland

In one of the Reddit threads dedicated to updating the Apple app, there was information about the changed layout of Apple Maps in Europe and Japan. The first users are already seeing the changes – 3D models of buildings in cities and more accurate information about the objects.

The whole thing gives the impression of an update that recently appeared in Finland, Norway and Sweden, and which Apple announced to roll out in early March 2023.

Reddit users are reporting that the massive addition includes more accurate data for roads, addresses and terrain in Austria, Croatia, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, as well as Japan. the important thing – the changes are also visible on the map of Poland.

Warsaw and Wroclaw in the new Apple Maps

Apple Maps shows a new view of Polish cities. A short “trip” to the aforementioned Reddit thread or to this Imgur page is enough to see the details of the navigation changes for Warsaw or Wrocław.

It is not yet known how many users have been blessed with the opportunity to test new cards. It appears that update is not common – Tabletowo editors using iPhones have not yet noticed changes, despite having the latest versions of the Maps app.

It’s quite possible that the developer has only decided on a partial test release for a few users for now. Anyway, it is a harbinger of great change and possibly – an official announcement about the availability of updates to the Apple Maps application for all users in Poland.

By the way, it’s obvious that Apple still has room for improvement when it comes to product quality. For example, in the case of Wroclaw, the Maps show the presence of a street a priest Hugo-Kołłątaj 😉

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