Aqia is JOB OFFERING for Production Assistant, Researcher and more.

Aqia, a 100% national chemical company that creates, develops and manufactures ingredients for the cosmetics and personal care market with a wide portfolio since 1984, is looking for new employees to join its team. That said, before you talk more about the company, check out the list of available positions:

  • Application Analyst Jr (Master) – Guarulhos – SP – Efficient;
  • BI Analyst – Guarulhos – SP – permanent;
  • Procurement Analyst – Guarulhos – SP – Permanent;
  • Process Analyst – Guarulhos – SP – Efficient;
  • Project Analyst – Guarulhos – SP – Efficient;
  • Production Assistant – Guarulhos – SP – Temporary;
  • Production Assistant (Fab II) – Guarulhos – SP – Permanent;
  • Logistics Assistant (receiving) – Guarulhos – SP – Permanent;
  • Sales Consultant – Guarulhos – SP – Efficient;
  • Biotechnology Coordinator – Guarulhos – SP – Efficient;
  • PCP Jr Coordinator – Guarulhos – SP – Efficient;
  • Process Engineer – Guarulhos – SP – Efficient;
  • Maintenance Mechanic I – Guarulhos – SP – Temporary;
  • Forklift Operator (Maintenance) – Guarulhos – SP – Temporary;
  • Biotechnology researcher – Guarulhos – SP – permanent;
  • Senior Researcher – Guarulhos – SP – Efficient;
  • Development Technician – Guarulhos – SP – Permanent;
  • Laboratory Assistant – Guarulhos – SP – Permanent;
  • Junior Environmental Technician – Guarulhos – SP – Efficient;
  • Domestic Salesperson – Guarulhos – SP – Efficient.
Aqia is looking for new professionals in Guarulhos. Photo: Disclosure.

More about Aqia and how to apply

Now that it has been possible to check the list of positions, the registration takes place in a very intuitive and fast way. you just need access this link automatically go to the 123empregos page. From there, just carefully check all the details related to the vacancy (requirements, features, benefits, working hours, etc.) and apply.

About Aqia, it is important to emphasize that the company is developing the science of societal well-being. In other words, this is the purpose, your commitment to society, your contribution to the world and our legacy of positively impacting the planet.

Finally, in addition to being a reference company in its field, Aqia is also concerned with diversity. That is, it values ​​an environment based on respect and equality among all employees.

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