Aranta Sánchez Vicario returns to Spain after his new failure with justice

Aranta Sanchez Vicario he returned to Spain with his two sons, Aranta who is 13 and Leo who is 11. Your residence. Sánchez Vicario, 51, arrives in sportswear and amid much media anticipation, so just a few weeks ago it became public knowledge that both she and her ex-husband, Josep Santakana, would be indicted on a felony charge of increasing welfare benefits. Both face four years in prison, in addition to paying more than €6 million in civil liability. The case will be held between September 12 and 15, 2023 in Criminal Court No. 25 of the city of Kondal🇧🇷


The extensionist avoided commenting on the matter, but showed her confidence in justice. 🇧🇷I can only say that I believe in justice, I have always believed in justice, and I will say nothing else. I hope you respect me because I am coming with my children to spend the holidays with the familyI confirmed.

Your return home reflects that you are still united with your people, despite the resentment of the past🇧🇷 “My mother supports me and is with me. After you’ve kicked him a thousand times, there he is. You showed me what love for your children is and your unconditional support,” says Aranta in the magazine’s pages. HELLO!🇧🇷 He also has the support of his three brothers, Marisa, Emilio and Javier🇧🇷 “I felt I could always count on my family… I begged for forgiveness if I had to beg,” he admitted.


The reason why Sánchez Vicario and Santacana will be tried

The Bank of Luxembourg filed a criminal complaint in 2015 against them for failing to do so against the debt contracted with the entitywhich was approved years ago by granting the three additional €3.5 million in interest that the National Public ordered them to pay for tax evasion and which the Supreme Court ratified in 2009.

The expareja would then sell the millionaire property to the extenista with the aim of, as desired, decapitalization to avoid the goddess with the bank. Arantxa, for his part, admitted in a defense brief that he represented to the judge in October 2021 that he hid beatenbut assured that he did it manipulated by who his husband was.


I decided to regret it and as a test of goodwill I signed up the advance of 1.8 million euros, which he handed over to the Luxembourg bank🇧🇷 In the same writing, Sánchez Vicario asked for a sentence of seven months of imprisonment for himself, which he will be exempted from observing because it is less than two years and has no previous ones. However, Santakana denied in her defense writing that she had no authority over the management of her ex-husband’s assets.

Before this criminal quarrel andl Bank of Luxembourg I had already intervened with the other by civil means. I did in March 2011 and two years later, the judge gave the reason to the organization and ordered the athlete and Santakana to pay him 5.2 million euros, which should sum up the interests of the delay. After that, no Habrian delivered the corresponding amount or submitted the list of embargoed beaten.

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