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Aras criticizes “the use of the justice system for political purposes”.

Photo: CNMP, Disclosure

In the video published this Friday (29), the Prosecutor General of the Republic. Augusto Aras (photo), criticized the use of the justice system for political purposes. According to him, PGR complained about the deputies who make statements about the same fact. “Newspaper articles to provoke”.

“It obliges us to collect those representations, with the same fact, and at every held meeting, it is interesting that “the prosecution presented”, which is not true. The prosecutor’s office is always investigating.” has added.

According to Aras. this is also happening in STF which has passed “to be a victim” crime news coverage “without legal ballast”.

“It’s all part of it using the justice system for political purposes; Who promotes representation, opens investigation, makes crime news without legal ballast, for hidden interests commits the crime of defamatory advertising. If it’s authority, it’s abuse of power.” continued the PGR, adding that no action had been taken “still in terms of parliamentary immunity”.

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