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Araujo Pharmacy has openings in Minas Gerais

Looking for new talent to make up its team and meet the ever-increasing demand, Drogaria Araujo has announced a job opening in Minas Gerais. Most of the opportunities are for working in the technology sector. The hiring, by the way, is in line with the moments of the company, which is considered one of the main pharmacy chains in Brazil and is increasingly investing in the digital market.

Professionals working as junior developers and seeking professional growth opportunities are eligible. Candidates should also have basic systems development knowledge and a desire to improve at Drogaria Araujo. Flexibility, initiative, dynamism, a focus on development and continuous growth, and a focus on results are some of the soft skills the company is looking for.

It is also important that those interested are residents of the city of Belo Horizonte and its metropolitan area or willing to relocate.

Opportunities are provided through the Araujo Tech program, whose main goal is to accelerate the careers of junior programmers through a course offered by Gama Academy that prepares people for careers in technology.

Contractors will have the opportunity to participate in theoretical and practical training with specialists with practical and updated software content in the daily labor market completely free of charge. The learning and training journey includes applied knowledge of project management with agile methodologies, GIT, APIs versioning, testing and error handling and database modeling.

how to apply

Those who want to be a part of the program should apply through the program website until July 21. The CVs received will be evaluated and the selection will be made based on the results of the cultural fit test, technical test and self-assessment. Pre-selected candidates will be called for an in-person or online interview with Drogaria Araujo.

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